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    MyAccounts - Personal Finance

    “MyAccounts” is a full-featured personal financial tool that is designed to meet your various personal financial needs.

    The Free Version has all major features, and it has no limit for the number of records. You can use it as long as you wish if you find it enough for your use, or you can also switch to the Paid Version at any time for more features and your data can be easily migrated into the Paid Version. (The Paid Version is coming soon)

    Key features:

    * Flexible support for multiple accounts. You can create individual accounts for different credit cards and for multiple cash accounts, as well as having one overall account for all your records.

    * Simple and clear interface for browsing your transactions by the month, the week, or the day.

    * Fast! Easy-to-use, Wizard style user interface.

    * Multi-currency support.

    * Flexible budget settings. Allowing budgets to be set in a variety of categories and sub categories.

    * Powerful report feature. You can not only use the preset reports, but can also customize your reports. When you browse the reports, you can change their time range and their types and patterns.

    * A photo can be added for each record!





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