My Method to Promote Apps with Keyword installs & Get Top Ranked

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    Sep 6, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    Since this is the place where fellow devs exchange ideas and feedback on different development services, ad networks, monetization and promotion strategies, I decided to share and post about a great service i use for Incentivized installs and most importantly keyword installs, called Keyapp.Top i've been using it for years and it's the best so far to rank my games and apps on the Appstore and also the Google Play store.

    So, first of all, at first, I thought that it is impossible to rank an app with just a few keyword installs. But, I knew that it wouldn't hurt to try them. So I just signed up at this site: - Android keywords promotion and ordered my first 100 installs pack(50 daily for 2 days). It is good to know that the installs from this website are genuine US installs, and the price is very low, but it worth because the website has a self-serve platform so you can easily create your campaign. So after I bought these installs, had to wait 2 days, Appstore updates their ranking in this time, and suddenly saw that my app jumped from ranking 99 to 19. The miracle didn't start here. After one month, I checked the ranking of the app, and the ranking remained the same.

    Link: - keywords installs promotion


    They provide installs from many Geolocation distribution (30 countries): US , GB , DE , IN , CA , AU , BR...etc;

    You can easily boost your keyword ranks on Google Play or Appstore to top You can see your app on first positions for popular keywords and get more organic traffic to your app. 1-2 days and you will see the result!
    I tried their service in many of my Games and i could see result, I targeted via keyword and i got pretty good result.

    If you’re new to app promotion with paid incentive installs check out this strategy: day 1 - 300 keyword installs, day 2 - 350 keyword installs, day 3 - 400 keyword installs. This will be enough for you to see the result and significantly go up in rank. Then you can adjust your daily quantity and keep boosting further as top positions need more installs.

    If you guys are interested, i'll be more than happy to share with you more strategies and case studies to rank your apps using Keywords install, getting your app from 250 rank to 6th,3rd in the search list depending on the keyword in less than one week.

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