My Little Car Wash - For Kids - Version 1.1 - 10 Codes

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    Please note the game is for kids aged 3 to 8. Here is a game play video:

    If you like the game it would be great if you can help spread the word about it.

    Here are the codes:

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    Jul 15, 2013
    YAJT9LE3MHKW Taken thanks.

    My 7 year old likes what she has played of it so far.
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    P6WT4KW7MLJ9 taken ... Thanks :)
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    FJ6TA4AK63FA Thank you.


    Colorful and cartoony. Just what the little kiddos want.
    The character always has a smile on his face which will encourage one on the young players face as well.
    The short activity segments are appropriate for younger kids.
    Plenty of vehicle choices.
    Passed the app around the house and other places among children of different ages, chronologically and physically. The ones that responded the most were around 3 and 4 years of age. Of course, the younger they are, the more parental involvement there needs to be. At 7 to 8 years, they were curious enough to try it a couple times and lost interest to other 'faster' apps.

    Specific areas of the app that showed difficulty or confusion:

    〰 In the beginning where you choose a car, it is easy enough to choose one with the finger swipe direction on the screen. The problem was at the end of the choices. The younger ones wanted to be able to keep swiping to the left instead of the choices stopping and having to swipe the other way to go back to the first. In most of the toddler toys they've played with, there is a constant roll in the type of toys that have them) Think wheels' beads, toys with rollers in them..... It just went against they're nature a tiny bit. (I hope this made sense!! LOL)

    〰 One of the girls that tried the game stated she wanted a
    "Princess car and...uhhh... girl cars. They boy cars." (Her words)
    Except for the VW Bug with daisies on it, she claimed they were all 'boy cars.'

    〰 Inside the garage: the first hose was difficult and frustrating for the younger ones; 3 - 4 yrs. Older 4 to 5 years had no problem with the concept. When using the hose, you put your finger on the hose, move away from the stain, and the water sprays onto it. Just like a realistic hose, the water sprays out and away from it. The toddlers would pick up the hose with the finger and touch the stain they wanted to wash with the same finger. Because of this, the water would not hit the stain. It was hard for them to catch the concept of moving outside of the area instead of on it. Some of them may still be learning or improving advanced motor and movement skills and spatial awareness. But... If there's that parental involvement, it would be a good way to help the younger ones with this type of development.

    〰 I noticed, that on some of the activities, if the child became frustrated, it would be difficult to finish the game.
    I believe a very important addition or change for a more positive outcome, would be to add a fast forward or maybe a skip or next button for every activity.
    There may be times when the child is too tired to complete the task but still wants to see the end result. (The shiny clean car)

    Overall, cute game. To just look at it, there seems to be no real educational value to it. (Which doesn't matter. It is a game! :) ) But, I disagree. Fine motor skills, spatial awareness, order, what comes next, task completion, development, patience, etc. And; with caregiver involvement; bonding.
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