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    Aug 20, 2015
    In Sept 2017 My Koi got to number 1 on the Mac App Store for Games in the US, UK, China and quite a few other countries which was really exciting I have to say.

    I just released another update last week with loads of new features, improvements and it's now the number 2 Family Game, in the top 10 Sim Games, the top 25 for all games and the top 50 for all paid apps on the App Store for the US. Would love you to check it out the new updates and features which we've also passed onto the Mac.

    It now has:

    * 3 extra ponds (so you can create and customise up to 48 different fish)
    * New long fin koi
    * New rain controls
    * Extra customisation with additional rocks and plants

    It has an average 4.9 star rating with over 200 really nice reviews.

    Would love you to check it out if you have a chance.

    Here are some of the reviews:

    One of the best ideas ever!! - 5 stars. lilmuji – Jan 22, 2019

    "I just love this game!! Amazing graphic, zen natural sounds, cute and realistic koi fishes.. Everything about this game is on point. As someone who played at least a few hundred paid/free games on iOS over the past 10 years I’ll just say it’s totally worth the 2.99 for anyone loves koi or just this Japanese mood. It’s clever that every time when you try to get a new Koi the pattern will be a bit random so that no two are the same, and I managed to reproduce something (by hitting the button like a hundred times) that vaguely resembles the pattern of the most expensive Koi ever lol.

    Best fish app on the Appstore. Period. 5 stars. by Emilio0458 – Jan 4, 2019

    "From the gorgeous graphics to tranquil sounds, this app will leave you stunned and relaxed. You’ll grow to become attached to the fish and I’m always eager to check on their growth and progress over the course of a day. As my fish grow, so does my catalogue of patterns and space in my ponds, so there's great incentive to keep playing to get more of what you love. Along with a very close at hand developer, this app will be a smash hit in no time.


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