My iPad 2 has sustained a fatal wound!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by Chris Brady, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Chris Brady

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    So I somehow bent the screen so there's the block of lines across it. Which means it's done. But seeing as I practically live off the thing (I'm an amateur writer and I use it to keep notes, surf the net when I'm out, and yes, play games on it too) I need to look into getting a new one.

    The issue is that being in Canada, they jack the price up by $50 ON TOP of the current exchange rate, and given that I'm on disability due to back health, my funds are limited to about a total (after taxes and recycling fee) to about $500CDN tops.

    So my question is, seeing as the iPad Mini 2 is still available for purchase, what is better about it over the iPad 2 (As in the original 2, the second model they made after the first iPad.)

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    A lot is better. It runs on a 64 Bit A7 processor versus an 32 Bit A5, so this means roughy 4X better processing speed and 8X better graphical processing capabilities, it also has a Retina display which is a high density 2048x1024 display which I believe is twice what the iPad 2 has, but don't quote me on that. It'll also will be able to support more future iOS versions than the iPad 2. So overall it's a great investment. I love mine and it still works like a charm even though I got it almost 2 and a half years ago on launch week.
  3. Chris Brady

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    Perfect, I just need to save up the pennies as they say.
  4. Sanuku

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    Did you consider instead of buying a brand new One buying a refurbished One from Apple?

    I bought a couple of those refurbished iPads over the last couple of years as Christmas Gifts for a local Kids Hospital and they were always working and the Kids never had any issue with those.
  5. Chris Brady

    Chris Brady Active Member

    They do sell refurbished ones? Good to know. Nothing on the Apple site makes it easy to find that info. I will look into it! Thank you!

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