My Girl_HD: after 3 rejections by apple~

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    Finally, it comes out --after being rejected by apple for three times!
    When we submitted My Girl_HD together with My girl: for iPhone and iPod for the first time, it was soon rejected because it did not provide any additional functionality to differentiate it from iPhone-only version. So we had to add more elements into the iPad version, such as more clothes, more actions and more hairstyles. In order to attract more customers, we particularly added a bathing suit.

    I'm wondering if we upload ipad version and iphone version whose functionalities are the same at different time, will Apple reject one of them?

    However, it was rejected again! Asian Apple made a phone call to us, and told that if the girl wearing the bathing suit were static, the app would be approved; however, the girl wearing bathing suit made by us performed a lot of sexy actions, which was not allowed. Meanwhile, we were asked to remove some flirty words in description. Ridiculous, isn't it? But we had to modify the app again. You know if we chose to remove the sensitive functions, the app would have no unique selling point, so we just hid them.

    So we uploaded the binary for the third time!
    However, things go contrary to one's wishes, it didn’t get approved. %>_<% What a tragedy! This time it claimed that the binary contained private API. Therefore, we modified the app once again.

    After “waiting for review” for about 2 weeks, My Girl_HD finally comes out!

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