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My Free Circus – Open your own Circus! Come one, come all! Let yourself be enchanted by the mesmerizing world of My Fre…
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My Free Circus – Open your own Circus! Come one, come all! Let yourself be enchanted by the mesmerizing world of My Free Circus! Plan you own shows in this entertaining circus game and show off the awe-inspiring feats of your fearless performers, breathtaking animals and hilarious clowns. Attractions, Sensations, Animations Discover a circus simulator like no other in My Free Circus as you establish your big top business and a thriving circus settlement on your property. Keep exotic animals, train daring acrobats and give your audience a show like nothing they've ever seen before! Sensations and attractions abound in this one-of-a-kind clown game – all lovingly detailed with quirky and entertaining animations. Expand your circus game grounds and explore countless customization and decoration options for your property. Grow your own cereals, fruits and vegetables for your cast and crew and cook culinary delicacies for your visitors. Hire performers and build facilities to provide them with everything they need. The more impressive the resulting shows, the happier your circus game visitors will be. MyFreeCircus provides countless circus simulator features: * Numerous circus animals that you can show off in the ring – from llamas and monkeys to elephants and lions * Death-defying performers and talented artists to enrich your circus game shows – including fire eaters, knife throwers, clowns, animal tamers and jugglers * An intriguing blend of tycoon and circus simulator * Fantastic animations for all animals, performers and actions in the game * Diverse customization and decoration options with animal pens, sleeping wagons, fields and merchants * Entertaining quests to advance you through the circus game * A pleasant circus game atmosphere guaranteed to enchant you A Sensational Tycoon Slip into the role of a circus director and prove your skill as a versatile manager as you create and run your very own circus. Take care of your animals, train your performers and awe your audiences with spectacular shows. You can play My Free Circus as a cross-platform game both as an app and as a browser game. This allows to enjoy the circus life both at a desktop or laptop, or on the go with a smartphone or tablet, all with a single account. Get Started Now Download the circus simulator app MyFreeCircus for free on your tablet or smartphone and open your own circus today. An extraordinary clown game with long-lasting gaming fun awaits you! Try it now and experience My Free Circus!
Seller:Upjers GmbH
Release:Jun 20, 2016
Updated:Oct 04, 2017
Size:200.3 MB
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