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    Hello, I am trying to learn the iPhone SDK. I followed a youtube tutorial and made a simple app. There is a background picture (of me, messed up in photo booth), an icon, text that says _____ (it is about the size of my mouth. family joke. I LOVE TO TALK. LOL) and a button, you press the button and it finishes the sentence. I am very excited, so I had to post this. If you guys have any source for more input, I would be grateful!!

    Thank you!!!
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    Well done. I have only just started myself, in the last week or so, from scratch- I didn't know anything about C or Objective C. My first app with Xcode was a simple Coin Flipper, and my first iPhone app was a simple calculator.
    Both were copied from a great podcast called Hot Cocoa (HD version here). With experimentation, I altered the calculator so the info bar at the top doesn't display, and I used a background image as well as an image for the Sum button (a lady's bum that turns red when you tap/smack it :D ). I also learned to give it an icon on the Home screen. From there I have started on my own game, but just the menu's so far. And I have bought a book- "Beginning iPhone Development" by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche, with another on the way. But from what I have read of this book, it will be more than sufficient for the moment.
    Anyway, episode 7 of the podcast is the one introducing iPhone app programming- download it for free and see how you get on.
    SchenkStudios also gave a link to this book on another thread (he deserves a medal for the help he gave me on that thread), and even if you don't want the book, there is a free video to download (look for "Getting Started with Xcode and Interface Builder" a little way down the page).

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