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    Apr 9, 2010
    This is a list of all my favorite iPhone games! I avoided putting down games that are mimicking console experiences, because I don't think they are ever as good as their console counterparts, and I think the iPhone excells in different areas. My tastes lean towards small casual games, with retro graphics, and unique gameplay twists, or updates to old ones. A few PC ports that I feel control as good or better on the iphone are here, and a few updated remakes are here as well(that i never knew about until they hit the iphne). I love retro and retro inspired games, but also new and innovative ideas. Most of these games are cheap, but I don't like games that look or feel cheap, so all of these games are polished and I feel complete packages, with great controls and sufficient amount of content. All are gems, all are worth the money, all came from talented devs.

    I made this list in hopes of reviving another forum, and afterwards I thought it would be good to post it here as well. And also because I want to spread the word of great iPhone gaming, and get people away from the console mindset when it comes to iphone gaming.

    I broke the games up into genres, even though most of them could fit into three or four different genres, I just took the plunge and placed them where I thought they fit best. I gave small descriptions next to the games to give an idea of the gameplay, or my thoughts on them. Each section is ordered a bit, with the most casual games, or the ones with the least content at the top, and the more involved and bigger games at the bottom.

    If you see any games you think I would enjoy that aren't on the list, I would love to get some recomendations, but that is not the point of the topic, it is mostly to spread the word of great games.

    Puzzle Games
    Paint it Black - extremely simple free game, single tap to turn(one way) controls, try to paint the square black.
    eBoy FixPix - fix pixel art pictures by tilting screen
    Puzzle Prism- 3d tetris tower
    Eliss - multi-touch galaxy realgining game, push together or pull apart stars, and then put them into black holes
    Drop7 - Battery sucking brilliance.
    Unify - controls blocks dropping from either side of the screen towards centre with two fingers, and use both sides of your brains to match massive combos
    Azkend - match 3 with a story and unique gameplay, and wonderful art.
    Gemmed - match 3 where the objective is not to match blocks, but to guide monsters home and abuse their powers
    Puzzle Cosmos - match 4, with unique block rolling gameplay
    Alchemize - match 3 where the objective is to find gold by matching elements
    Quell - tile sliding game perfect for a rainy day
    Sunday Lawn - mow your grandmas and neighbours lawns, arcade gameplay, avoid the dogs and excrement
    180 - Match 3, where every piece has an alternate colour you can flip it to at any time, and all the pieces are falling towards the bottom and you must shoot pieces up to stop them. Huge chaining possibilities.
    Love Battle Princes - Hot girls creating black holes to suck up flowers.
    Zen Bound - wrap rope around objects to give them colour
    Sparkle - ball shooter match 3
    Helsings Fire - unique puzzler where you light up monsters with a torch and throw colourful potions at them. Fight your way to dracula castle in style.
    Ragdoll Blaster 2 - physics canon puzzler, hit the target in as few ragdolls as possible.
    Angry Birds - physics catapult puzzler with tons of levels and achievments, and perfect polished gameplay
    Labyrinth 2 - your favorite wooden tilting ball roller, with canons, lasers and switches. Download user created levels from within the app, or make your own. Spot on physics.
    Castlevania Puzzle Encore of the Night - symphony of the night reamagined as a super puzzle fighter RPG

    Racing Games
    Solopskier - score big points in this unique skiing game by going as fast as you can through gates
    Comet Racer - top down, arcade ghost time trial racer,
    Cubed Rally Racer - RC pro AM with randomized tracks.
    Final Highway - great looking Out Run homage. Great graphics and gameplay.
    Ground Effect - 3d arcade time trial racer, with hover cars and rolling hills
    Jet Car Stunts - hardcore, extremely difficult, abstract race car platformer. Point A to point B.

    Strategy Games
    Space Station - RTS tower defense, manage your ore and energy, and defend your space station
    Sentinel 2 - defend earth from aliens, tower defense.
    Geodefence Swarm - touch as nails open path tower defense with neon graphics.
    Defender Chronicles - side view RPG tower defense.

    Bit Pilot - simple astroid avoidance game, for retro gamers.
    Noiz2s Free - free kenta cho shump port.
    rRootage Online free kenta cho shump port, boss fights only, four game modes mimicking great shooters
    Space Ninja - shump without shooting(mostly), just fly past your opponents slowing down time and being a space ninja
    MiniSquadron - shoot down your opponents in dog fights
    Meteor Blitz - Super Stardust HD on your iphone, essentially. dual stick shooter.
    Earth vs Moon - Missile Command taken to the extreme, with tons of upgrades and humor.
    Tilt to Live - the best tilting avoidance game on iphone, addictive.
    Dodonpachi Resurrection - famous Cave japanese arcade only shump port. Iphone 3GS and up only.
    Space Miner: Space Ore Bust - Asteroids, with RPG elements, ship upgrading, story, lots of levels, spot on graphics, physics and sound.
    Warblade - Galaga taken to the extreme, with RPG progression, upgrades, achievments.. etc.

    Mr Aaaaaah. - carefully time your jumps, platform to platform.
    Above - Miyazaki + Cannabalt + Doodle jump. You are a buisness man moving up in the world. Simple addictive gameplay, in anime inspired world.
    Flaboo - Frantic Zen like endless tilt and tap jumping platformer, you are a chick looking for advice.
    Ninjatown: Tree's of Doom - endless tree climber,
    Pix n' love rush - relive the arcade glory days, collect coins, and watch your multiplyer change your game into your favorite handheld consoles.
    Mega Jump - no actual platforms, but tons of coins and endless jumping. Buy things with coins.
    Toki Tori - puzzle platformer
    Qwak - tough as nails port of amiga platformer. You are a duck, you throw eggs and collect gems and fruit.
    the Incident - Pixel art. Chip tunes. Tilt controls. Endless climbing. Junk falling from the sky.
    Parachute Ninja - Jump and glide through levels as a ninja ball.
    Wheeler's Treasure - A piraty wheel rolling game, look for treasure and collect and buy items.
    Osmos - abstract cosmos adventure puzzle action game, eat all the other balls in space to become the biggest.
    Miner Disturbance - Kind of like spelunky, but you are a miner trying to collect ore. Not really that much like spelunky.
    Spider: the secret of bryce manor - Spider eating bugs, find the secret of Bryce Manor.
    Frogatto - Your favorite SNES frog platformer game, made last year. Retro.
    Hook Champ - 8bit indiana jones themed hook racing game, get through the levels with all the treasure before the ghost eats you.
    Babylon Twins - Amiga platformer port.
    Somersault - updated PC port, make your own platfors to jump through the levels.
    Squareball - pong turned into the most difficult, fun, platformer there is. The giant pixel graphics will take your imagination on a ride through space, under water, through jungles, and evengtually into a volcano.
    Super Quick Hook - 16bit sequel to popular game Hook Champ, you are still grappeling through levels, but this time there is no ghost and you have some time to explore.

    Fruit Ninja - use your finger to slice fruit, and rack up big combos and scores like a ninja.
    Hungry Shark - sharky adventure game, eat fish and people and explore the depths of the ocean.
    Spirit - guide your space spirit with your finger, and draw circles around enemies to create black holes and make huge combos
    Pro Zombie Soccer - Plants vs Zombies artist(i thinks) makes fastpaced zombie killing soccer game
    Banzai Rabbit - frogger with a 3d rabbit
    Fastar! - annoyingly simple ms paint graphics, and multi coloured squares as enemies, make for a very fast paced and fun beat em up
    Infinity Project - explore a giant space station taken over by aliens in this adventure FPS

    DungeonCore - a falling down roguelike, buy weapons and armor and see how far you can make it before dying.
    Cavern - retro roguelike made from the ground up for iphone
    Rotten City - gun down zombies in this action RPG in order to save up enough cash to get out of town.
    Doom2 RPG - Doom2 but an RPG. Gun down the spawns of hell one turn at a time.
    Sword and Poker - A dungeon crawler with a poker based battle system.
    Rogue Touch - the roguelike, updated with iphone friendly UI and controls, and a few new secrets
    Baseball Superstars 2010 - Baseball RPG. Grind your character through seasons of baseball. More fun than it sounds.
    Sword of Fargoal - Old C64 roguelike updated(completely changed) for the iphone, for casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. This dungeon is big.
    the Deep! - Metroid-esque scuba diving exploration game, with fun graphics and sounds.
    Solomon's Keep - Diablo-esque wizard training tower, this is your final test. Climb to the top floor and kill Solomon Dark, multiple skills and randomly generated dungeons and items.
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    Feb 23, 2010
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    Swansea, UK
    God damn friend, I'm going to have to look at this list more thoroughly. Very nicely done.
  3. freedog

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    Mar 11, 2009
    nicely made list.
  4. mattll

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Some people really got a lot of free time ;)
    Thanx for that great list
  5. steve fan

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Tilt to live , Fruit Ninja, I have played !
    The list is great!
  6. Vinvy

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    Apr 9, 2010
    I am glad you guys like it! I wasn't sure if it would be worth posting here, as it always seems like everyone knows all the great games already. I hope it can help some people out.

    I may continue to update it sometime, with more games(as i remember them), and better descriptions for some of them. But as is I am happy and I hope some people read it and find some inspiration.
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    Jun 20, 2010
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    nice list! I'll have to look into some of these. Thank you for not listing only popular games...
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    Right. Behind. You.
    nice list but... Where is Enviro-Bear and Spider?!?!

    P.S. And yes, I will question people's opinion when it comes to EnviroBear 2010.
  9. onyx77

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    Feb 4, 2010
    I would have to absolutely agree with the Quell call you made. Hands down one of my favorite games. Even prompted me to email developer to praise. First time I have ever done that.
  10. mOOm

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    Jul 30, 2010
    hoho thanks for the list.... shopping time!
  11. headcaseGames

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    Jun 26, 2009
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    Very honored that you put our game 180 on that list (and especially the short list at the bottom). Thank you for supporting our game :)

    Hopefully we can get other games on your list in the future!! Now, I just have to make 'em...
  12. mattll

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Could you please underline the gamenames or write them bigger/thicker/with a different colour?
  13. Vinvy

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    I'll look into adding to it and formatting it for clarity later tonight. Thanks for the support guys. And 180 definitely deserves it's spot, I'd love to see what you guys come up with next.

    EDIT: Looks like it's impossible to make things clearer without going way over the posting limit of 10,000 characters. I added a bunch of new games, but... Ill just let this topic die and make another one later set up better.

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