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    Sep 18, 2010
    Hello Touch Arcade!

    Although this is my first post I look forward to becoming apart of this community. I have been a musician since I was twelve years old. With experience ranging from guitar and piano, to digital work including a wide variety of electronic sounds and instruments.

    I have scored random things here and there, and I have done it all for free. I made a vow that all my work would be free until I turned eighteen, now I that I am eighteen, I thought I would venture into putting myself out for hire.

    I have a wide variety of styles ranging from ambient acoustic, grungy industrial, classical, and almost anything but rap and country, not like those are all that useful in the game industry anyway. I have done a lot of work in scoring music for film and syncing music with video. I have done music for independent games online, so I am more than able to write loops.

    I think the best thing other than the quality of my work is my willingness to work within your budget. I have no problem taking a percentage of profits vs. getting paid upfront. Nor do I charge flat rates. I will do my best to do the work you need at the price you can afford. No price is to little, go ahead and make me offer, I will not be offended or think your being cheap. If you are making a free game and want some original music, I am willing to score your game for free, but like I said, only if you give your product away for free.

    I have the most experience with my guitar, ironically I don't have any recording of my acoustic currently. My macbook died recently and I lost all my acoustic recordings with it. I still have some of my digital work, I will include a link to ten of my original songs below hosted by MediaFire in a zip file.


    Feel free to contact me via PM or email. My "band name" is "No Audible Dialog" beacuse I usually only do instrumental stuff. The last thing I feel I should mention, as obvious as it may be, I would require my name in your products credits. Another cool thing is when you have an original soundtrack you can put it on iTunes. If you use me to score your game I will give your game company 50% of all album sales, just something to think about!

    I look forward to working with some of you and scoring some projects!


    (MY eMail) -

    Please allow up to three days for a proper response, I may respond slow, but I do detailed responses!

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