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    Hi, I'm a game music composer and also and indie dev based in London. This is a *massive* music collection of 102 of my tracks, clips and loops. There is a wide variety of style and mood.

    Great for indie game devs who need a cost effective music solution. It’s also useful for having different styles at hand so you can add them to your demos and figure out what moods suit the gameplay. It contains all the tracks from my previous music packs 1,2,3,4 & 5 and many more.

    The tracks tend to be original sounding and unique rather than sound like generic styles. There are 55 music tracks and 47 clips/loops.

    You can hear a preview and then buy for $40 from these sites:
    My web site
    The Unity Asset Store

    There's also preview of some of the tracks in the video below.

    Honey Tribe Studios
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    I decided to keep the price at $40 indefinitely. If you like the sound of the preview head over to the Unity Asset Store or to my site to buy the pack.
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    If you wee trying to get the pack direct from my site over the last few days, sorry about that! As might have noticed, the order button wasn't working. It's fixed now so feel free to head back there and get it. You can also listen to previews of the other smaller game packs that 'Music Library' is made of.


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