[Music App] Sheet Music Scanner (by David Zemsky)

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    [AppStore] Sheet Music Scanner - Read piano sheets & scan notes

    Scans printed sheet music using the built-in camera and plays it for you.

    Ever wondered how that interesting-looking piece of sheet music actually sounds? It's easy with Sheet Music Scanner. Just point your iPhone or iPad at the sheet and let it play the notes for you. You can choose the instrument, pick the speed and enjoy!

    2 for 1 universal iOS app: iPhone / iPod touch and iPad - you get Sheet Music Scanner for all your iOS devices for the price of one.



    • Scan the whole sheet instantly using your built-in camera
    • Scan and playback from any image in your Photo library or from a PDF *
    • Playback from anywhere in the song - simply tap the measure, the notes and symbols are highlighted as they're played
    • Export as MIDI, MusicXML, audio (M4A / AAC, MP3, WAV), PDF to cloud storage *, directly to other apps or via AirDrop

    • Reads and recognizes the following symbols of musical notation pertaining to melody, harmony, and rhythm: treble, bass, and alto (viola) clefs, notes, duration dots, rests, accidentals, note ties *
    • Support for voices played in tandem, e.g. both piano hands at the same time, or all the choir voices
    • Support for playing individual staffs separately, e.g. right or left piano hand
    • Support for multiple pages
    • Accommodates speeds between 50 and 330 beats per minute

    * Note on Export / Import: All major cloud storages supported: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Note that the appropriate cloud storage client app has to be installed for this to work.



    • Accordion, Acoustic Bass, Alto Sax, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Celeste, Cello, Choir, Clarinet, Double Bass, Flute, French Horn, Guitar - Classical, Clean, Distortion, Glockenspiel, Harp, Mandolin, Marimba, Oboe, Organ (Percussive, Pipe, Reed, Rock, Tonewheel), Piano, Recorder, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Vibraphone, Viola, Violin, Xylophone

    • Supports actual instrument pitch for the transposing instruments
    • Supports pitch shift / sound transposition by semitones up to 2 octaves up or down
    • Change your pitch standard based on instrument, from standard 440Hz to 380-480 Hz
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    I love listening to music on mobile, and this app Sheet Music Scanner has often been on the top of the music field on the App Store. It's been a while since the app itself was released, but the app has been continually updated so far. It had performance above expectations. What I like most about this app is that I can load sheet music through the cloud storage and tune my favorite songs myself. I just would like to let you know that there are such cool music apps. If you are interested, check out the app store ratings of this app and introductions! ;)

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    If you are waiting for the Android (Google Play) version, it will be released in a few months. Stay tuned! :)
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    I've tried this app.

    Though I couldn't make this app generate sound by YouTube's note sheets videos' screenshots sometimes, however once it detected notes, it works great!

    I wish this app to make possible scanning notes higher accuracy.

    Fun app for sure.

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