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    I'm enjoying this game, with its slow pace. It's like TripleTown + PuzzleQuest. But two questions:

    Can anyone explain what Hermes does in plain English? The description is totally unclear.

    I just exploded my whole board, with some 10k+ tiles, an orange chest, a silver chest, and probably 12 bombs. I got 8 lightning. Why? What gives you lightning? Is it sacrificing some tiles, blowing out the whole board at once, or something else?

    BTW, if anyone is wondering how the math works, the number is the square of the number of tiles stacked. Any already-stacked tiles just act as the same number of tiles. So blank (1 tile) + blank (1 tile) + 9 (3 tiles) = 5 tiles X 5 = 25.

    Thanks to anyone that knows the answers!

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