Mr. Mustachio : Word Search

Shobhit Samaria
One Word. That's all that you need to find in a maze of letters. Easier said than done! Follow a challenging instructio…
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One Word. That's all that you need to find in a maze of letters. Easier said than done! Follow a challenging instruction to figure out the word and then use your power of observation to search the grid for the word. Simply swipe the letters to mark the word. All this while we make the grid interesting by introducing confusing letters, unusual fonts, mixed cases and lots more surprising stuff. If you are excited by classic word search games or are a crossword lover or a puzzle master or even a trivia fan, then you need to try out this game with a unique gameplay. The grids become more crazier and wackier with each passing level. We promise you would never have played anything like this! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the game. Have a blast solving short and sweet levels and discover how tricky even three letter words can be! The character of Mr. Mustachio adds a fun dimension to the game! Watch Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow with more grids you figure out! Sharpen your brain, sharpen your eyesight, sharpen your reflexes and bring it all together to quickly scan the grid in different directions and find that elusive word before the timer runs out! Download the game for FREE and have a great time expanding your vocabulary and training your brain. Enjoy! * Unique & Addictive gameplay which is a twist on the classic word search puzzles. * Pick up and Play. One touch gameplay in Portrait mode. Just swipe the row/column to mark the word. * Multiple challenging instructions for the player to figure out. * 4 different types of aids/power-ups available for use. * A cute way of visually depicting the progress in the game through the growing moustache of Mr. Mustachio's character. * Customize the character of Mr. Mustachio as per your liking. * Uncomplicated game with a single objective to complete all the levels. * Leaderboards to see how well you are doing as compared to other players. * Comprehensive Statistics to give a glimpse how well you have been playing the game. * Single Player and works offline. * Fun & challenging for kids and adults alike. Suitable for all ages. ********************************* Thanks for reading so far! I am the developer of 'Mr. Mustachio' series of games. All of them are simple games, which are a test of the observation skills of the player. All the games share the same premise where we provide a grid & a 'rule', & the player has to figure out which row/column of the grid matches the given rule. Although the games share this unique gameplay, they are vastly different from each other with crazy & weird rules involving numbers, words, shapes etc. The games are constantly updated & have come a long way since the first game (which has now been rebranded as Mr. Mustachio : Number Search). I hope the games are fun as well as a bit educational for kids. Don't forget to check out all the games mentioned below! * Mr. Mustachio : Grid Search * Mr. Mustachio : Number Search * Mr. Mustachio : Word Search * Mr. Mustachio : #100 Rounds If you like playing the game, please consider leaving a rating/review and help spread the word around. It would go a long way in helping out the developer! If you notice any problem or bug or just want to drop some critique or feedback, please feel free to do so at [email protected]!
Seller:Shobhit Samaria
Genre:Trivia, Word
Release:Jun 01, 2020
Updated:May 12, 2021
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