Motorway Madness 1.2 Coming Soon!

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    Motorway Madness 1.2 is coming soon! I have attached the description, what's new in this version and the link to it below. If you like the game please spread the word. Thanks.

    Motorway Madness is a simple but fun and addictive game in which you are racing down a highway and shooting down as many cars as you can to score points, before losing all your health. Knocking in to a car will result in you losing some health and missing a car when trying to shoot it will reduce your score to make things interesting. This game comes with iOS 4 support for multitasking so you can play it on the go. It also supports online Game Center leader-boards.

    What's New In This Version:
    The game has been rewritten in OpenGL.
    The explosions have been improved and look a lot nicer.
    A player speed setting has also been added to give you more control over the movement speed.
    Unlocking locked cars now includes an increased health bonus.
    The instructions now show up when the game is paused instead of being on a separate page.
    And More...

    Motorway Madness - AppStore

    Motorway Madness - Website

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