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    I'm selling the source code of the iphone app "Mortal Skies".


    itunes link:

    Mortal Skies is a classic vertical scroller shooting game for iPhone ans iPod Touch.
    The game offers 7 levels, unlockable planes and a bonuslevel. The planes and levels are unlocked with earning achievements.
    It has state of the art 3d rendered graphics and backgrounds.

    Mortal Skies may be purchased with source code as an engine for your own shooter games.

    Gameplay demo video can be found at:

    - 7 big levels across varied environments like Canyons, Snow and more.
    - Huge diverse endbosses including Bombers, Choppers and even a one on one dogfight endboss.
    - 10 Weapon upgrades/powerups, including Minigun, MegaBomb, Wingman, CarpetBomb and Reflective Shield (reflects hostile bullits and absorbs rockets) and more.
    - Achievements functionality: Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold cups for each of the 9 different achievement missions. Different achievements require different gameplay tactics, so you will be challenged to keep playing. Unlock extra planes and an extra bonus level in which you will be given some really awesome firepower.
    - Global worldwide HighScore functionality.Submit your highscore and compete with other players worldwide to be the best Mortal Skies top ace pilot in the world.
    - Difficulty settings can be adjusted using a slider bar (100 different difficulty levels !). Increasing the difficulty will also increase the maximum available highscore.
    - Control your plane by using Touch controls or Accelerometer

    First release date: Januari 2010.
    More than 12.000 copies sold without any advertising.
    More than 700 copies sold in one day when it was reviewed on an iphone app review site.
    About 130.000 copies of the free lite version downloaded.
    Using some of the graphics may be part of the sale (at extra cost).

    The game engine is written in Objective C.

    For any further information:

    regards Erwin Jansen

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