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Critters have overrun the peaceful town of Moopville and the Moops are fleeing their homes! This is your chance to help rid the land of these pests!

Take control of our heroes, Flunk & Dunk (our local pest controllers) as they take to the hills and beyond to rid the land of the critter infestation.

From the lush green plateaus of Meadow Canyon to the vibrant metropolis of Barrel City, explore a full 3D world and help the Moops inhabitants along the way.

Turn Flunk & Dunk into the heroes of Moopville by squishing, catching, trapping and popping the pesky Critters in an all out extravaganza of fun!

Along the way, collect Mooty, uncover secret items, as the Critter infestation grows all around you and the mystery of their origin is uncovered.

It's up to you to save the day!

Key Game Features:
- Beautiful 3D cartoon world
- over 18 levels to explore
- 5 Mini-games to play
- Play as brave boy or feisty girl Moops
- Amazing soundtracks and audio effects
- Earn in-game currency to spend on cool stuff
- 8 fantastic whackers and 11 fancy dress costumes
- Achievements and leaderboards
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Jul 06, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal