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    Hey guys!
    We just sent to Apple for review the first version of our first game:

    Wings of Heroes - Battle for the Skies

    About Moony Baboon
    We are two brothers with a passion for gaming who decided to make the best dogfighting game ever... :p

    Wings of Heroes is a pilot-centric, mission based, side scrolling ww2-style dogfighting game.
    You are given 5 recruits and 15 aircrafts to complete the 25 missions:
    in every mission you are given a primary and secondary objective plus a fixed time to complete it and you are awarded a certain amount of reinforcements proportionally to the level of completion.

    The Story
    In Wings of Heroes you are in charge of a small training airfield for recruits, who will need to be prepared for the imminent clash with enemy forces.
    However, sometimes things don't work out as planned: you and your airfield will face bigger problems than just teaching how to land to some young pilot.
    Your airfield will be stocked with aircrafts and some recruits will arrive from the training facility... every single pilot can make a difference to complete all the 25 missions available: don't underestimate the value of your men's lives.

    - Your pilots' rank will grow higher from mission to mission and they will learn new abilities: help them become Aces of the Skies
    - Use your pilot's "dexterity" to slow down time
    - Perform rolls to avoid enemy bullets and missiles
    - Perform Immelmann maneuvers to avoid enemies and get their tail
    - Detailed statistics for each pilot
    - Up to 3 wingmen will escort you in your missions: switch control to any of them!
    - Keep or break formation when you control the team leader
    - More than 15 different types of enemies (soldiers, tanks, barracks, hangars, battleships, submarines, bunkers, etc...)
    - Enemies' morale affects their behaviour
    - Eject from your aircraft
    - Perform landings and crash landings
    - Realistic sound effects
    - Everyplay integration for full mission recording and spectacular replays: never lose a single moment of your heroic exploits and share them with your friends
    - Game Center integration with lots of achievements and leaderboards

    Enough words, here's the emotional trailer

    Couple of screenshots



    Available on the AppStore for iPhones and iPods touch only, as soon as Apple reviewing process is complete.
    It will be free for a limited time, then it will be a normal paid app: no advertising.
    We added some In-App purchases for who wants to make his life easier, but the game can and should be completed without "cheating": we did it, so you can too!
    We'd really like to hear what you think about it!


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