Moonlight Drive

Immerse yourself in a night ride with super jet cars through a city of the future in Moonlight Drive. Enjoy the jet car …
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Immerse yourself in a night ride with super jet cars through a city of the future in Moonlight Drive. Enjoy the jet car driving thrill in one of the best 3D flying car games and prove that you can fly drive through heavy traffic full of flying vehicles. How long can you go in the car jet race? Download and try the futuristic car jet game for FREE. ■ RACE THE TRAFFIC & AVOID COLLISIONS This flying car sim takes in a futuristic city where flying jet cars are a reality. Your goal? To fly & drive with the flying jet car and avoid collision with the other flying vehicles in the traffic. Sounds easy? Well, it may be for some of you experienced jet car riders. However, with flying vehicles coming from all sides in unpredictable sizes including jumbo trucks, the plane car game will be challenging for most. As you fly and drive and do flying car stunts to avoid crashes, try to collect as many coins as possible. You’ll need them to unlock cool jet cars in this fun game. ■ INFINITE DRIVING GAMEPLAY Head out and experience the futuristic driving experience with extreme 3D graphics, prove your driving skills by avoiding hurdles and traffic, beat your high score, and collect the coins to unlock your favorite vehicle for different driving experiences. ■ 30 FLYING CAR SKINS Start with the Sunray GT, then upgrade to more powerful cars such as the Midnight Rider, jet ski vehicles, flying vans, and flying police cars. There are also powerful vehicles like Cargo Master and the Dustbuster X. Try to unlock them all and feel new levels of adrenaline jet car driving. More than 30 jet cars are available in our latest update. Simply visit our shop and unlock the ones you like. ■ GLOBAL LEADERBOARD Try to stay in the traffic as long as possible with the flying jet robot car to achieve amazing high scores. Always improve in the effort to top the global leaderboard of Moonlight Drive players. Can you become the ultimate extreme flying car rider? ■ MOONLIGHT DRIVE FEATURES: - futuristic neon city theme - endless runner high score system - choose your flying car (25+ vehicles to choose from) - enjoy extreme 3D visuals - prove your driving skills - unlock your favorite vehicle - immersive soundtrack with exceptional harmony between graphics and soundtrack (use headphones for the best gaming experience) - play the flying car game offline - turn sounds and music on/off Now it’s time to try the immersive night driving with flying cars in Moonlight Drive. If you are looking for some relaxation after a hard day, a drive in the city of the future in our game will offer surprising calmness and entertainment. ►Download and play this futuristic flying car 3D game
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:Jan 11, 2023
Updated:Mar 29, 2023
Size:264.7 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal