Universal Monster Super League (by Four Thirty Three)

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    Monster Super League : New Guardian Dungeon, Rebirth, Fusion System & Free Rewards!


    A new content update rolls out for cute collection RPG game, Monster Super League! This time round, our trainers will enjoy a refreshing new rebirth Astromon – Hunter, new Hermite guardian dungeon and new events to look forward to. Both existing and new players will also receive free Astrogems, energy, XP boosts and gold to help them on their journey! Plenty of excitement is in store for all our enthusiastic trainers!

    Let’s explore more about our newest rebirth Astromon, Hunter who has 5 element types. The most powerful types are the Light and Dark elements, the Light element has an outstanding 50% chance shock skill that will jolt enemies for 2 turns while trainers of the Dark element will delight in its 70% chance to keep enemies shocked for 1 turn. Those looking to rebirth their lesser Astromons for one with good skills can use this opportunity that will last all month long!


    The next new feature we will explore is the new Hermite guardian dungeon, the Hermite is an extremely adorable yet powerful water element crab Astromon that you can catch and add it to your ever growing team. Dungeon hunting is now made even more rewarding with our new event ‘Astromons Here I Come’ that springs rewards like Astrogems, L/D Egg, energy and more for collecting all those cute Astromons that you come across. No more reasons to hold back on all those Astrochips, get catching now as rewards are available from Nov. 3rd 0800 – Nov. 30th 0759 hours SGT!

    More information on how to attain rewards:
    Use 300 Astrochips → 100 Astrogem
    Catch 200 Astromons → 100 Astrogem
    Catch 10 Rare Astromons → 150 Astrogem
    Catch 5 S.Rare Astromons → 150 Astrogem
    Catch 1 Legendary Astromon → 1 [High] Light/Dark Egg
    Awaken Astromon 50 times → 200 Energy
    Evolve Astromon 20 times → 100,000 Gold
    Ascend Astromon 10 times → 10 [High] Starstone
    Feed Astromon 500 Fruits → 5 [Mid] Star Fruit
    Clear All Missions → 1 [Legendary] Secret Egg


    All trainers (even the new players!) will also receive a substantial amount of free Astrogems, energy, xp boost and gold to celebrate the event!

    We’ve recently added a new ‘Fusion’ system where two or more Astromons can be fused together to obtain certain predetermined Astromons like the highly sort after Shiva who possesses rather impressive skills.


    However, fusing him will not be an easy task but players will be rewarded handsomely by the sheer raw power he adds to the team.


    Another Astromon Gatito, an extremely adorable master fencing cat is now available for summon and capture in all areas of story mode stages, special shop etc. from November 10 – 24, get your Astrochips refilled and ready for the hunt!


    To follow the news for the next content update, events and more, join our friendly Facebook community at Monster Super League

    New players can download the game at :


    iOS: https://app.adjust.com/wbydah
    AOS: https://app.adjust.com/8bfamy
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    Man this is stupid... Why ain't anyone playing this game!!! Super awesome!!! I am glad I found this game!!!

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