Monster Smash Squad

Shoot To Kill Zombies, Ghouls & Goblins, Awesome Matrix-Style Slow Motion Head Shots

Monsters have taken ov…
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Shoot To Kill Zombies, Ghouls & Goblins, Awesome Matrix-Style Slow Motion Head Shots

Monsters have taken over the planet and are munching on humans, plants and pretty much anything that lives and breathes. The world is in turmoil and only a true hero with excellent aim and shooting skills can save humankind from extinction. You are tasked to lead an elite squad of characters on a mission to take out the creeps.

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Using an arsenal of cool weapons your objective is to take out different types monsters such as stupid zombies, beasts, ghouls and goblins. Select your weapon, take aim and pull the trigger to watch your bullet penetrate enemies, bounce off walls and even kill multiple monsters using a single shot. Destroy them all before bullets run out, and perfect headshots give bonus points, and are awesome to watch in slow motion Matrix-style!

Monster Smash Squad features 150 exciting levels across 3 chapters with more to come. 11 hero characters and 23 different types of monsters are included, and it takes skill and talent to prevail as obstacles continuously hinder your way. Bombs, black holes, spike balls, logs and rotating platforms add fun to the challenge, and ultra-cool nukes are available that kills every monster in sight.

Monster Smash Squad is an uber-cool arcade game with great graphics, cool effects, great audio and plenty of monsters to kill. Get busy saving the world!

- Over 150 Levels over 3 Chapters! (More coming soon)
- Addictive Game play
- 11 cool hero's to choose from
- 23 different monsters to kill
- Slow motion head shot kills! matrix style!
- Nukes to pass levels (Kill all monsters with one nuke)
- Weapons galore! endless puzzles.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Feb 15, 2016
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