Monster Fights

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★★★ Italy role-playing Game Top 1 ★★★
★★★Featured as "N…
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★★★ Italy role-playing Game Top 1 ★★★
★★★Featured as "New & Noteworthy" in 30+ markets!★★★
Unlike the general Middle-Ages Heroic games, the main character of this game is a monster, not so wise but strong.
Of course, numerous monsters used to be killed by heroes with swords during that time.
However, when the children of the monster were taken by human beings, it went furious.
Now,Begin you journey to save your children and teach those arrogant humans a lesson with your fist and your huge feet!

◆ Universal app - supports iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, and

iPad. The game is optimized to take advantage of each device's strengths.

◆ Intuitive virtual joystick , Various different attack skills.

◆ Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter in the 3D images.

◆ Tense, quick and gory battle sequences, Various types of enemies!

◆ RPG elements reward skilled players – upgrade the Monster’s health,upgrade

the Monster’s force to devastating levels.

◆ Advanced AI system on par with console games.

◆ Five supersized maps, Large fantasy world.

◆ Original soundtrack – explosive music builds with the heat of battle.

You may find other unexpected surprises in the game!

Planned updates
- Character Skills and Abilities!
- Multiplayer and Arenas!
- More Enemies!

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Genre:Action, Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Oct 26, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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