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    Be Carefull! MonoLoco is Escaping!

    MonoLoco is a videogame where you control a monkey with psycho issues, whose actions are far from being cute and funny as his brothers’ ones. He simply can’t stand the zombie attitude of human beings, where everyone is only paying attention to
    their gadgets. When MonoLoco realices he’s the only one with the power to stop this madness, he escapes from his cage and starts his endless run with only one misión: knock all human beings with these hellish devices and free the human race.

    The videogame will be available at September in the AppStore for download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, where everyone will be able to download and play it for free!

    MonoLoco is one of the most funny creations made by GoldMine Studio.[​IMG]

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    I'm confused. Wasn't this game released like a month ago? I could swear I downloaded this game a while back ago for free an iTunes. :/

    Or was it released prematurely that time?

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