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    We would like to share with you some screens before MonkeyMind land in App Store.


    "In a memory competition of man versus chimp, Japanese researchers found that chimpanzees performed better than humans." ABC NEWS

    Test and improve your instant memory. Challenge the monkey in couple of fun and addictive mini games.

    Match cards into pairs in Cards Match
    Repeat dozens of Sequences
    Recreate Matrix pattern
    Play monkey's favourite From 1 to 9
    and moreā€¦to unlock

    Features :
    - Simple, addictive gameplay
    - 4 different games
    - 2 extreme difficult games to unlock
    - GameCenter ( Global leaderboard and achievements )
    - Ready for retina display
    - Local users

    Coming soon for $0,99

    Every word is appreciated. Hope you like it.
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    Sep 22, 2010

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