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    Hi all:


    Our game is from a famous china story The adventure of the monkey king(西游记). It said that when the monkey king and his master come to the fire mountain, it is very hot and its fire everywhere, they can not climb the mountain.
    So the monkey king want to borrow the magic fan from the iron fan princess, caused the magic fan can put out the fire.The iron fan princess is the wife of the bull king.They don't want to borrow the magic fan to the monkey king,so the monkey king fighting with the bull king.
    The bull king change himself into a very big bull, and the monkey king change one of his hair into many little monkey to surround the bull king.
    Our game start from here, please try to move the monkey to surround the bull, and if the bull is surrounded by the monkey and can not move even one step, the monkey king win, and if the number of monkey is less than 6, the bull king win!
    Come on, try to surround and catch the bull king if you can!

    How To Play:
    1.whether the bull king or the monkeycan only move one step each time along the straight line. the bull king movefirst;
    2. the bull king will eat two monkeyseach time, if there are two monkeys at the same straight line and there is onlyone blank space between them, if the bull king can and move into the blankspace then the two monkeys at the same straight line next to the bull king willbe eatten by the bull king.

    For example, in this picture, if the bullking move to place 1, then the two monkey at place 3 and place 4 will be eaten bythe bull king. And if the bull king move to place 2, then the two monkey atplace 5 and place 6 will be eaten by the bull king!


    3. the bull king's mission is to eatthe monkeys as more as possible, and when the number of monkey is less than 6,the bull king win;
    4. the monkey's misson is to surroundthe bull king and if the bull king is surrounded by the monkeys and can notmove even one step, the monkey win!

    "Come on baby, try to surround meand catch me if you can"------The Bull King

    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sun-wu-kong-da-zhan-niu-mo-wang/id558738982?ls=1&mt=8

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