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    Its nothing definitive/ground breaking, but after playing Sam & Max I became a big telltale fan. After searching around thier forums i found numerous comments about the Monkey Island Episodes:

    Alan Johnson of the Telltale Team said "BTTF and Monkey Island episodes are certainly coming. They have not been abandoned. "

    But on a more depressing note he also mentioned: "Right now, there are no plans to finish those series [Referring to Sam and Max/ Wallace and Gromit]. With iPad 2 out though there's always the possibility we could revisit TDP and W&G, but no plans as of yet.

    Sorry not really anything totally awesome but I figured it was worth posting as I love their games and their not too big on press statements on their ipad catalog.

    Edit: found some more info: http://talesofmi.net/?p=1977
    So it seems they are behind schedule, hopefully it still is coming
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    May 20, 2010
    Looks like the lovely folks over at pocket gamer picked up my findings and were able to offer a little bit more news:

    "It’s been quite some time since Monkey Island Tales 1 HD launched on iPad, and fans could be forgiven for worrying where the next episode might be coming from, if at all.

    Yet, as spotted by Touch Arcade forumite SirAwesome on the studio’s forum, Telltale community manager Alan Johnson recently confirmed that "[Back to the Future] and Monkey Island episodes are certainly coming. They have not been abandoned."

    Back to the Future Ep 2 HD arrived in late April, though we’re still awaiting news on the next Monkey Island Tales.

    Johnson recently told Pocket Gamer "we’re planning to release the remaining four episodes of Monkey Island and the complete series of Back to the Future on iPad, but [we have] no announcements to make at this time in terms of a release schedule."

    He did, however, have bad news for fans of two other Telltale franchises: "Right now there are no plans to release further episodes of Wallace & Gromit and [Sam & Max:] The Devil’s Playhouse on the iPad."

    Meanwhile, Destructoid is carrying a report that Telltale is set for an E3 unveiling of a game based on zombie drama The Walking Dead, as well as Jurassic Park: The Game and its reboot of the King’s Quest franchise.

    An exciting time for point-and-click fans, then - and a busy one for Telltale. We’ll bring you more news on the studio’s E3 line-up in the coming weeks."
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