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    Monkey Burps! is now available here : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monkey-burps/id396897582?mt=8

    After a hard day at work you catch the train home…
    Tonight you are in luck there’s a seat…
    Things are looking up…

    And then all of a sudden, BUUURP !
    Your neighbour gives you a startled look as he finds himself surrounded by the sound of burping.

    He glances over: Of course Monkey Burps!
    He takes out his game too….

    You get off at your stop with a broad smile on your face: you are still champion…


    Rise to the challenge and start burping!

    Monkey Burps! Is a fast, addictive game in which a cacophony of monkeys just need you so as to show off their belching powers.

    To score points: give the monkeys a fizzy drink, pat their bellies to wind them and then burst the bubbles they belch out.

    Key points :

    • Subversive, cartoon universe
    • Simple intuitive gameplay for the whole family
    • Fast games

    • Your direct opponent’score is displayed driving you to excel yourself making the game very addictive

    Tips : These monkeys are tricky characters!

    • They sulk if they don’t get a drink! One stroke and they cheer up
    • They fly off (cowards!) if they don’t burp! Others take their place
    • They fall asleep (or that’s what they say!) if they drink too much ! Shake them to wake them
    • They can’t cope with pollution (they’re true greens!)! Burst their bubbles to slow down the build up of pollution

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    Congrats on getting the burping monkeys out there!

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