iPad Mogul - a GPS monopoly with a twist.

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    (How do you do create the nice app page that I've seen in other apps?)


    Hey all,

    We are a couple of totally mad developers that came up with the idea of revolutionize gaming by adding a touch (arcade) of GPS aspect and super MMO connectivity.

    In the game you'll play a very strange and twisted version of monopoly in which the map is the real world, and you buy properties by taking a picture of them.

    Like this guy is trying to buy the Eiffel Tower in Paris:


    And this is his property in the game:


    So that's the idea, you buy and sell in the real world real properties, of course you use fake in-game money :) You generate rent for every property you buy, you can race for Mayor and President elections of your town/country. And you race against other players to get to $1 Billion Mogul Dollars. We are introducing daily challenges to keep you busy and have fun while building your property monopoly world domination.

    We think it's complete new way of playing games, especially while you are out, on holiday or going to work or even going shopping!

    We believe in freemium so the game is totally free to play from start to end, we are supported by iAds and few in-app purchases as bonuses and cool add-ons. (But mostly I'd say we are doing for the glory lol)

    We are working 24/7 to improve Mogul, we have got an update ready in few days, and we've updated it after a week of release following the initial players feedbacks.

    At the moment we are working like MAD to give more login possibilities in the game, we thought that a facebook login was a very good idea (9 months ago) but we have soon realized that infact people HATED IT, so again, we are working like MAD to fix this, anonymous logins with avatar you choose will be implemented in the next update, we are trying to solve a problem of how to play with your friends without having your facebook friends.
    We are looking at Game Center but being 4.1+ only we don't want to cut out a big chunk of players :( So suggestions are welcomed!

    Finally, if you've read till here, a bit of our background to reassure that we _think_ we know what we are talking about (just) :)
    For example my real name is Davide Pirola and I've worked about 15 years in the game industry (SCEE, Criterion Games), I've made some great games in my time, Wipeout series, F1 games, Burnout series, Black, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (when I left the game industry), and many others, other members of the teams have made great game also like SSX and SSX tricky.

    This is our first effort after leaving the crazy world of AAA games and I hope we can bring back a lot of that passion that has been lost in that $$$profit$$$ driven industry.

    Ok enough (but I can go on if you wish:) ), I hope I'll see some face on Mogul.

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    [ appinfo ] product ID here, no spaces [/appinfo]

    Sounds awesome :) That's a great concept.
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    Hmmmm sounds interesting.. I'll give it a try ;)

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