iPad Modern Combat 2 - What a waste of $7 bucks!!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by helmania, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. helmania

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    Dec 18, 2009
    Dear Gameloft,

    When will you really make an effort in creating something original and not stolen IP?

    When will you increase the polygon counts in your games?

    When will you...

    Ok let's get into it. MC2 is ok at best, but not the greatest blah blah blah everyone is spitting left and right.

    While Gameloft, you succeed at copying MW2 very well, the stuff that was left up to you to do, like providing great controls is still lacking.

    Brothers in arms 1 gave me the option to use, touch, tilt(accelerometer), or duel sticks to control my character. Terminator gave me similar controls. However, ever since Terminator, TILT control as a FREAKKKKKKKKING OPTION has been totally absent from all GL games since. Why I asked you GL?

    Why should I struggle with 1) first aiming 2) move my finger from aiming to the fire button once a foe is in my cross-hairs. 3) Whoops, the foe just moved to the left before I could fire at him. 4) now I must take my thumb back to aim at him again. 5) Then bring my thumb back to the fire button hopping I'll kill him before he moves again.

    It's too much work to do while in CoD:Zombies and your former terminator and Brothers in Arms 1, I could do all the aiming and turning around with the accelerometer and keep my right thumb dedicated to the fire button when ever the need arise.

    Yes, I'm aware you have gyro support in there, but your implementation of it in this game absolutely sucks. Why is the sensitivity on the gyro SOOOOO HIGH??? (by the way to all those who don't know, the sensitivity slider right above the gyro option DOES NOT affect the gyro but only the sensitivity of the touch screen.) Besides, what makes you think I want to stand up for an entire gaming session which is what the gyro forces one to do if you don't want to bother touching the screen at all to turn.

    I would hope and ask for an addition of accelerometer(+gyro) option in a future update, however since this is you gameloft, I might as well have asked a WALL for this. Moving on...

    I'll just go back to playing a real activision game (with real good graphics, not high-resolution of low-polygons) with controls options that keep the ENTIRE IOS COMMUNITY in mind, not just the touch screen lovers. :cool:

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