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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by BigSquigs, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Jul 9, 2015
    So, I've started streaming with Mobcrush, and love it. Never thought I'd want to do videogame streaming but this makes it so simple! And it's surprisingly fun. I was wondering if there was a thread already for Forum Members to post when they're streaming? I don't want to violate the forum rules with regard to self promotion (I'm not, but could see it interpreted that way, especially since this is a first post--because I forgot my last username/password and decided to make my TA one same as my Mobcrush one).

    I loved the TA Plays Twitch Streams and am excited to be part of something like Mobcrush from the Alpha on, however, one of the biggest problems I see with Mobcrush is the fact that the front page of their site is pretty much nothing but Vainglory / Modern Combat / Minecraft... like, that's pretty much 80-90% of their front page. Given the Alpha state of Mobcrush at the moment, it's too much to expect the ability to filter out redundant streams of games that I don't care about (VG/MC5/MC)...

    If I have done a stream for a specific game, should I the link / vid in the game thread?
    Or should this thread turn into a place for Mobcrush people to post stuff? I think it would be cool to have a repository of all the non-staff writers on the forums who are doing streaming.

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