iPhone [Mission Game][Free Download] 4x4 Military Operations Reborn

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    Military Operations Its a 4x4 Off-Road Racing video game. Player drives an old military Chevy truck along with fully load trailers through difficult roads in order to deliver military cargo. Player will be on a mission to deliver supplies from military base to military airbase. When the mission is complete, 10 points will be rewarded. At the score of 50 game will unlock a big trailer full of supplies and it will be more difficult, challenging and fun to deliver those supplies to military airbase. To complete this cargo mission a player is required to have true 4x4 off-road driving skills. Game architecture is designed on real-time physics engine.

    Real-time simulation like dusty particles, smoke particles
    4x4 steering capabilities
    Real world Terrain
    V8 Engine physics used
    Weight balancing Trailer
    Difficult turns and bumping roads
    Simulation of vehicle suspension

    4x4 off-road Driving skills.
    Player should be enthusiast
    Clam and patients

    Future Update
    The player may also play through missions set in various locations, which typically revolve around locating various objects in the area. There will be select able trucks and SUVs ranging from compact to full size.

    Developed by
    This game is developed by bitGraphicx Interactive.​

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