Mirror's Edge with Korean signs?!

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by NickFalk, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. NickFalk

    NickFalk Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded Mirror's Edge but much to my surprise I found that the game has korean signs in all menus and on-screen text(!) Anyone else experienced this, and if so, knows where to push what buttons in order to fix it?
  2. squarezero

    squarezero Moderator
    Staff Member Patreon Silver

    On the main screen, tap on the second menu option (at the bottom). When the column widens, choose the first (top) option. You'll see a translucent horizontal box with red arrows to the left and right. Click on the arrows till you see "English."
  3. NickFalk

    NickFalk Well-Known Member

    Thanks! My Korean isn't all that good. :D
  4. Dammster

    Dammster Active Member

    Downloaded from where? ;) AppStore doesn't do that ;)
  5. NickFalk

    NickFalk Well-Known Member

    Yes it does! Or at least it did here!
  6. Dammster

    Dammster Active Member

    Really? Wow. And Devs didn't repair it yet? Weird. Maybe update is in aprroval process.
  7. NickFalk

    NickFalk Well-Known Member

    Perhaps there's some oddity in the settings for the Norwegian language. (Like a faulty setting by the dev somewhere).
  8. ImNoSuperMan

    ImNoSuperMan Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2009
    Mirrors Edge has this bug where is selects the wrong language. Its been discussed in the main thread already and EA's response on twitter was that they'll look into it. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

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