Minions & Immortals

ASSUME the form of an Immortal on the planet of Aetheria where you will command dozens of M…
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ASSUME the form of an Immortal on the planet of Aetheria where you will command dozens of Minions to do your bidding. Adventure across a vast 3D world on your way to becoming a dominant force in the universe.

"Minions & Immortals" is a real-time, 3D, multi-player RPG with amazing visuals, fantastic animations, rich music and glorious sound effects give you a play experience like no other. Continuous updates and an ever growing landscape helped shaped by our community assures there is always something for you to do. Choose the Dominion or the Discord, each with their own unique races, as you possess your minions and quest, PvP, build your town, join a guild and continue to grow in an unending, massive saga.

GAMES are supposed to be fun. For us making a game that our community loves and helps shape is the most fun we can think of. Our players are always the most important source of inspiration and knowledge so come help us make our game into your game.

EXPLORE a rich, diverse story line across 20+ quest areas, each with Normal and Elite modes. Battle against challenging bosses and find the special rare spawns that each map contains. 500+ creatures with their own skills and elemental affinities allows random generation in areas to maintain diversity and replayability. Adventure alone or join a group for a richer play experience. Efficient gameplay through teamwork is further incentivized as quicker completion leads to better rewards.

CUSTOMIZE your minions through their race, class, gear, stats, and skills. 1,000+ items with varying rarities and powers assures no two minions will ever be the same! Watch your minion's appearance change with each new piece of gear. Unique race and class skill trees allow you to tailor each minion to your specific needs. As your minions gain in power so do you! Unique Immortal skills divided across three separate categories gives you the power to focus on a specific path or diversify as much as you want.

GROW your town into a mighty kingdom. 25+ buildings, each with five tiers, assures your town will constantly be growing. Place extra minions in buildings to work them and give you additional bonuses. Fly flags from the heights of your town to access powers and abilities. Gain tribute at the Shrine each day for a special reward. Sacrifice unwanted minions at the Altar to make your other minions stronger. There's no shortage of things you can do.

JOINING a guild often leads to lifelong friendships. Additional guild-only content guarantees a richer play experience. Work as a team to excavate, build and upgrade your guild town. This increases your guild's position of power plus gives you additional bonuses!

== PVP ==
BATTLE against the opposing faction as you best the Dominion or Discord in real-time combat. Gain ranks that unlock powerful PvP gear. Randomly generated maps, each with their own challenges and quirks, allows you to master the PvP experience. Show your prowess to the other side and become the ultimate gladiator!

DISCOVER 150+ recipes in your adventures and use them to create amazing items. From weapons and armor to flags and portraits, there's no shortage of goods you can make. Place workers in your town buildings to make crafting even more efficient.

CHAT with the community in real-time to gain knowledge, friendships, or to just say "hi". Use World Chat to communicate with your faction, Guild Chat to speak with your Guild, and Private Chat to hold one-on-one conversations. Real-time chat brings the social experience to a whole new level and gives you a wealth of knowledge that wouldn't normally be available. If you prefer to speak offline you can always use the forums to reach the community. We're always looking for feedback and welcome everyone to join us.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Dec 14, 2014
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