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'Be a GOD' Real-Time Action Chess! Watch over and lead your favorite champions as they battle for the glory of the Tiny…
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'Be a GOD' Real-Time Action Chess! Watch over and lead your favorite champions as they battle for the glory of the Tinyverse. Help them win by playing your miracles and deploying minion troopers in real-time! Tiny Realms Await! TINYVERSE WITHIN The Tinyverse is a small tiny universe hidden in the depths of an old antique shop called MINImax. In the Tinyverse, two realms constantly fight for its hegemony waiting for deity-like beings, like you or me, to arrive at the battle to upset the balance of this endless war. FEEL LIKE A GOD OF THE TINYVERSE Touch and drag the screen to lead your tiny characters. Pick them up, place a wall, or set a road on fire with smooth touch and drag control. CHANGE THE PATH No matter what, your tiny characters march and attack using their own tiny proud brain power on the battlefield. So as a god, you are responsible for shaping their paths with walls and ramps, and other miracles to help them reach the enemy's towers! CONTROL THE MAP Release a diverse selection of troopers in whatever order you want through whatever route you see fit on the map. Lead one of the many available champions to take over an area of the map, secure your defense or attack. Do not forget your mighty miracles that would create slowing down swamps or absolutely freezing enemies in the area. TEST MANY CHAMPIONS AND TROOPERS You will have a wide range of Troopers to collect and devise your tactics, and you will be able to use one of the powerful and charming Champions that fits your gameplay style the best on both Realms of the Tinyverse. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Invite your friends to test each other strategies together in a Custom Match. You can use all characters of two realms and miracles to test the best strategies you can imagine with no cost. You can always invite up to two more friends to observe this duel. COLLECT CUSTOM GOD-HANDS Express yourself with new cool god-hand costumes to destroy your opponents in your own style. Wield a knight gauntlet or scare your enemies with a zombie's hand. SIX MINUTES LONG FAST-PACED BATTLE It only takes 6 minutes to win. However, even in this short period, the day/ night shifts, the battle phase levels up since the time of the Tinyverse goes much faster than the outside. So take advantage of the time and the changes in the battle accordingly to win! NO PAY-TO-WIN AND NO NEED-TO-LEVEL-UP-CHARACTERS MINImax Tinyverse is currently F2P. You can obtain all the champions & troopers of two realms and miracles just by playing the game and reaping in-game rewards. Mainly, you don’t have to grow or level up your characters after you get them. They are just perfect from the moment you earn to the end. You can also, if you prefer, purchase the Two Realms Pack that will let you acquire immediately all available champions & troopers of two realms currently or in the future. Additionally, you can receive in-game currency as a bonus. KEY FEATURES - Be a God - Collect all the diverse characters and miracles in both Realms - Face players from all over the world in 1v1 RTS battle chess. - Challenge your friends by inviting them to a Custom match - Watch other friends fighting against each other as an observer in a Custom match - Test and design your own team deck for optimized strategies - 6 minutes long, fast-paced battle - No Pay-to-Win and No Need-to-Level-Up-Characters - Cosmetics items like god-hand costumes to personalize your game Now, you can enter this world only if you are able to find MINImax antique shop, and luckily, we have a secret direct passage for you here on App Store. MEET OTHER [YOUR LANGUAGE] PLAYERS ON DISCORD: SUPPORT For technical issues in the game report it to us in: TERMS OF SERVICE:
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Jun 26, 2019
Updated:Jul 10, 2019
Size:1.0 GB
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