Minigore survival strategies

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by TheBeastlyNinja, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. TheBeastlyNinja

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    Aug 3, 2009
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    This thread is for the experts of gunning down furries can share with the n00bs their strategies. Mine is avoid the edge of the map like the plague!
  2. Gryphon23

    Gryphon23 Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2009
    McDonalds! French Fries anyone?
    At that place... with those... people...
    Here are some tips:
    Stay away from corners, and edge of the screen.
    Shoot fire furries first
    Wait to turn into a bull pig thing, until you get hurt
    Keep Moving
  3. Will090

    Will090 Well-Known Member

    Go down from where you first start. You should find a large open spot with bushes only in the edge of the screen. Camp there until you forced to move around. I could only put up 3000 before I tried this and now my high is 8000
  4. sam the lion

    sam the lion Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    Why? I turn into the beast several times in a game, both before and after getting hurt
  5. SoCal_Sponger

    SoCal_Sponger Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2009
    save all the clovers until you need to use the bull power as a last resort (pick up 2 clovers right away though)
  6. sam the lion

    sam the lion Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    oh, now I understand, if you don't pick 'em up they stay there. For some reason I supposed you should pick them right away or they'd disappear. Nice tip.
  7. backtothis

    backtothis im in ur base killin ur d00dz
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    Jul 13, 2009
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    Hmm, pretty much everything has been said so far.

    So ya:
    -don't stop moving
    -avoid the edges
    -try to run upwards or across and not downwards most of the time since part of your view is blocked by your thumbs.
    -watch out for bushes
    -run around in a circle
    -never stop shooting
    -obtain 2 clovers and let 4 others drop around the field until you need them
    -don't get the shotgun especially later in the game, it'll get you killed. Instead, blow up the crates: it takes care of some fire furries.
    -don't switch directions randomly later in the game, they will surround you and that'll be it.
    -When you get hit, you get like a 2 second speed boost. GTFA!
    -Have fun :D
  8. Lions

    Lions Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2009
    nice tips!!!

    now if I only had smaller thumbs so they didn't block so much of the screen.
  9. khangtoh

    khangtoh Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2009
    Co-Founder/IPhone Dev @ LeftRight Studios
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Here's my own strategies, adding on top of the list.

    1) Always keep your finger on the fire button, you never know.

    2) Once you save up enough clover and "unleash your inner beast", you can prolong that by collecting additional cloves.
  10. NomaD

    NomaD Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2009
    stay out in the open, never get boxed into a corner
  11. ballistic

    ballistic Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2009
    I dont think this has been said... but

    Make sure you kill the ones that are in the direction you are going first- so in other words- if you are going right- kill the ones on the right first!!!! since they are obviously coming at you twice as fast as the others (your speed+their speed)
  12. zlibd

    zlibd Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2009
    New York
    i do pretty much what everyone has said but to add

    -hide pads in options, doesnt do much but just enough

    -when your clovers are about to run out, run from the herd of furries to avoid death when theres the small delay of non invincibility and no shooting since by then itll probably only be small furries anyways

    -i usually shoot and spin, slowing my gun rotation on the direction im running towards so its more likely to shoot the ones im heading towards and will weed out a few coming towards me

    -for past 9000 dont shoot medium furries when they were close to you since theyll most likely create fire furries and that much that close is guarenteed a death

    -also at 10000 you might as well pray you saved up and spread out your clovers, i got swarmed from all side looking for the third clover since it gets that overwhelming. dont see how anyone has gotten over 11000 lol
  13. dboobis

    dboobis Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2009
    I find that it's in fact helpful to pick up clovers at set intervals, say at 2k, then 4k, then 8k, etc. You're killing so many furries after you hit 3-4k that the "stock" of clovers is quickly replenished. Seeing as there will only ever be 4 on the ground (assuming you have 2 already, don't know if it goes to 6 if you don't), you're actually wasting bull power by saving them for too long.

    Also, take regular breaks! I find that I get bored around 4k and start taking too many risks, such as waiting for the chasing pack to catch up and mowing them all down. Obviously, that results in me just getting surrounded :( If you stop every few thousand for a few minutes, the temptation to go rambo shouldn't kick in :D
  14. khangtoh

    khangtoh Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2009
    Co-Founder/IPhone Dev @ LeftRight Studios
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Would love to see some screenshots when someone does get to 10000+ and is willing to take the risk!
  15. dyepbr

    dyepbr Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2009
    i agree about the breaks, but I would not recommend it after 10-11K. Its too risky... you may lose a split second either moving or firing (the time combined before you hit pause and after you hit resume).... it can cost you.

    Keep moving
  16. Randimonium

    Randimonium Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2009
    Game Designer
    Towson, MD
    I think this is not a good tactic. The downsides are 1. that there is usually only one or two enemies in the direction you are running, so many shots just hit nothing when they could be clearing out the big crowd chasing you for more points and 2. When you shoot at medium size furries it will spawn small fires furries each hit and then you've got fire furries in your path

    The upside WOULD be that you clear enemies out of your path, except that's not true because you can alwasy run around them since they are always running to where you are and not to where you are going(sorry if that doesn't make sense).

    Of course sometimes you have no choice but to clear out a getaway path, but I say keep shooting at the crowd.

    Aside from that tactic, I find that it's good to pause and switch to easy mode when getting cornered with almost nowhere to run. Predict that you are about to be cornered based on your location and the number of offscreen furries in the direction you are running.

    Randy (top score: 12000)
  17. Trotgar

    Trotgar Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2009
    Be very careful when moving down. The firefurries come very fast from there because of the perspective.
  18. UndeadZed

    UndeadZed Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2009
    they only attack you from the front unless you run into them so just be careful and don't run into the bushes
  19. razi139

    razi139 Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    Well my highscore is 12k. So what I did was simply run around the edge of the map. I would at some points have hundreds of them in front of me, chasing after me, without a hope. So I would just GUN THEM DOWN. Don't stay still, don't stop shooting, and don't get stuck in the corners. Avoid the corners.
  20. Vingdoloras

    Vingdoloras Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2009
    After 9000, ALWAYS! run in a circle. This groups the furries so you can kill them much more easily! Sometimes you might hve the chance to stop for one second to let the furry group come closer. Do it, but continue shooting! When the furries are close, move again!

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