iPad Mini-reviews of some recent word and puzzle games I tried

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    Oct 21, 2008
    Some games I tried out recently:

    Dizzy Bee: Loved it. Upgraded to the paid version. This is the maze game for the ipod that I have been searching for. Unlike Biiball Lite, it saves your progress, and unlike Rock N Roll the controls are not all over the place.

    Rock N Roll: This was a disappointment. You need to click in a separate area to access each level map. I got lost all the time. I prefer games where you can access the whole level on one screen. I still am playing it because I paid for it, but only in five minute chunks.

    Crazy Pipes: Loved it. Its description says it is based on Pipe Dream, so I was expecting to touch the pipes to rotate them into place, but it turns out this is a variation where you slide them around like puzzle pieces. At first, this disappointed me because I was expecting the other thing, but once I got used to it, I really came to enjoy this game and I play it often.

    Fire Tail: Hated it. It's like Jezzball, but the play area is too big to fit on the screen. So, while you are at one end being good and avoiding the bad guys, they are zapping you from the end of your tail that you can't see on the screen, and you lose. It would be better to have a less expansive play area and be able to see everything in this type of game.

    Hexterity: Mixed feelings. You have to connect lines in a path to clear jewels. It *looks* like a really cool game, and it was cheap enough (I am a sucker for puzzle games and can be gotten on an impulse buy at the right price) that I tried it. But the controls are fiddly (I want to be able to touch to rotate, not have to spin each piece individually) and many times, it looked like something should connect but then it wouldn't. It was frustrating to play and I got impatient. Plus, it has a non-square icon, and that bugs the OCD side of me :)

    Masterpiece: This is such a simple game, but it is my new love. This is exactly the type of game I enjoy where it is not dependent on flashy graphics to be fun. it is like a combination of Tetris and Pentomino: you put the shapes on the grid to try and make lines or columns, which clears them away. But you can't rotate the pieces, so you have to plan ahead a little (you can see two shapes ahead) and leave space for the bigger ones. Most of the games I have played have not lasted long, but this is a great, fun, quick game. Glad I got it.

    Loops of Zen: Just downloaded this now. So far, so good. But it does not come with many levels. I hope they add more levels in the next update.

    Numba: Tried the free version, loved it, upgraded. But I find that I get bored after ten minutes or so. I do enjoy it, but in quick bursts only. It is something I like to come back to throughout the day.

    Moto Chaser: Hated it. Got it because I really wanted to try a racing game and it was very cheap, but I hated it. I hated having to keep your finger on the screen the whole time. They should have it so this is assumed that you are and you don't actually have to!

    Spin Dice: You spin the dice to make combos and clear them. The 'casual' mode is terrible. You hardly get any spins, and since the game is pretty much dependent on luck of the spin, it is boring and ends quickly. But then I tried timed mode where you get unlimited spins and try to score as much as you can in the allotted time. it was like a whole different game and was very fun. The only quirk is that even if the game ends, it will prompt you next time to continue---at which point it will promptly flash 'game ever' and ask you to put in your high score (again). It should either default to start a new game, or not give you the continue choice if you left it with a game finished. And the casual mode really needs some tweaking!

    Stone of Destiny: Waste of a dollar. Pretty, pretty game. But there is only one level of zoom, and it isn't enough. I could not see enough detail to play the game properly at all.

    Vektrax: A sort of racing game. Fun gameplay, but it seems there are no levels and it just goes on forever and ever until you lose. I would rather have it be tracks like a racing game, where you can finish in a certain time and then try to better it later. I need the satisfaction of completing something :)

    Wurdle: Loved it! Like Boggle, but you can loop around and around, and shake the board mid-game. Also it is timed, so it is great for just a quick game break. I wish the w in the title was uppercase though, it looks weird on my screen.

    Zone Ball: Another sort of Jezz Ball clone. Much more fun than the other one. Sometimes, the controls are a little quirky and a line gets sent the wrong way, but overall, it is fun. The opening levels are quite easy though, and it gets a little tedious having to repeat them every time you play.

    Anyway, hope these reviews help someone!

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