Android Mini Jumpster - Game with Cash Rewards [FREE]

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    In this game you need to show your accuracy. Choose juming angle to achieve target and collect all gems on your way! Flip over spinning saws that move, blazing fire, spikes and other obstacles. If you can do three PERFECT landings, you'll be warped to an entirely new world for a chance to get a ton of gems and be invincible for 5 seconds! Some levels have random portals to new worlds that are filled with gems so you can buy new dances and characters! Pass the bonus levels to unlock the secret levels and earn new characters without gems!

    - Real rewards: exchange virtual gems to real money
    - Realistic character movement/physics
    - Physics added to objects for extra fun
    - Fever mode for perfect landings
    - Challenging game
    - Unlock new characters
    - Get new dance moves
    - Pass the Bonus level safely
    - Conquer the secret level
    - 35 challenging levels and more on the way

    Here is the link to the Google Play Store:

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