Mini Golf Worlds

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Invite your friends and enjoy this goofy game, Mini Golf Worlds! Mini Golf Worlds is the premier social mini golf exper…
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Invite your friends and enjoy this goofy game, Mini Golf Worlds! Mini Golf Worlds is the premier social mini golf experience, connect with friends, family or take that special someone on a digital date and enjoy some lighthearted Putt Putt fun. Exciting, hilarious and easy to play, this game is for everyone! No friends to play with? No problem! Matchup with mini golfers from around the world and test your skills in Head to Head or try your luck and compete in tournaments with family, friends and other mini golfers from across the globe! Play with Friends Easily challenge friends to a game of Mini Golf Worlds through your favourite social media, e-mail or text. No sign-ups required, no logins needed. It just works! Play At Your Own Pace Mini Golf Worlds is an asynchronous game which means you can play your turns when YOU want to and take the time you need to make the best shot! There's no time pressure and no worries if your internet is a bit patchy and disconnects during a game. Simple Controls Easy slingshot gameplay. Pull back and release the ball. Sounds simple, but there's still a lot to discover and a lot to master. Pass and Play Play with friends and family on a single device, no internet required! Just start a game and enjoy right away! No Account Signup Required! You can start playing online with mini golfers from around the world without the hassle of social media logins or email signups. Fun For All Ages People of all ages can play and enjoy Mini Golf Worlds. We're committed to making Mini Golf Worlds and fun and inclusive, safe experience for all our players. Check out our privacy policy to see how we keep you and your family safe while playing online. Strategy Aim for a Hole in One or collect all the Bonus Gems, the choice is yours! All levels have multiple ways to get massive scores. Power Ups Collect coins to activate power ups and unlock new ways to complete and score big points to defeat your rivals. Head to Head Play with friends and foes from across the world in Casual vs Mode. Great mini golf fun with real mini golfers from all over the world! Daily Cup Compete on a daily course against all Mini Golfers from around the world! King of the World Compete daily to see who's the best at the daily Mini Golf World! Seasons Build your ranking and win the Mini Golf Worlds Season for big prizes! Active Development Mini Golf Worlds has only just been released but we are committed to developing it long into the future. New levels, new worlds, and new features will be released all the time and it's you, the mini golfers who will drive us and our development. Get involved and play Mini Golf Worlds! What are you waiting for? Play Mini Golf Worlds today!
Seller:Fantastic Foundry
Genre:Puzzle, Sports
Release:Jun 17, 2020
Updated:Jul 06, 2021
Size:221.1 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal