Mines of Moria

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You are tasked with slaying the Balrog deep within the Mines of Moria. A translation of Robert Alan Koeneke's (1957-2022…
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You are tasked with slaying the Balrog deep within the Mines of Moria. A translation of Robert Alan Koeneke's (1957-2022) Moria into a touchscreen first experience. Six classes and up to eight races create a unique play experience in your battle with randomized dungeon depths. Start your game in town with rags or riches based on a custom character backstory. Warrior class is recommended for players who are new to the game. Koeneke paints a world of entropy where even artifacts of incredible power may fall apart. Learn the conditions of survival and die at the hands of merciless foes. This game wasn't made to be won, for the Balrog is a foe beyond any of you. Progress you character with experience, D&D style attribute gains (strength, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, and charisma). Gain spells, armors, weapons, wands, staves, potions, scrolls, legendary artifacts, and mining tools. Your character is persistently saved on each level transition. Large dungeon levels are randomly generated and do not persist. You may return to town to renew your character and barter for goods. The town is randomly generated during character creation, and shopkeepers feature unique personalities and bias. # Features of awesomeness * Landscape and Portrait orientation (optional rotation lock) * Character saveslot per class with resume-to-midpoint for seamless task switching * Backup characters to external storage for future restoration or access via PC data cable # Excellence in offline turn-based mobile gaming * on-demand rendering for best-in-class battery life (portable) * finger down executes game actions (responsive) * input may be reverted (accidents happen) * small download; small patches (size matters) * no network access, no ads, no in-game purchases (focus) * smart run for fast dungeon exploration with halt-on-threat (subjective pacing) # Input & Controls Documentation https://rufe.org/moria/game_input.html # Feedback * You have agency in this world. Let us know how we can improve your experience. Email: [email protected]
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Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Apr 26, 2023
Updated:Mar 20, 2024
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