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    A new clicker from the creators of Clicker Mine Mania!
    A large number of eggs and various mobs (monsters and animals) in HD quality!
    A large number of improvements to fine-tuning your fighting abilities!
    Accounting Records - Compete with your friends!
    Being able to play without any investments!

    How to play:
    Sleight of hand and no fraud!

    30 seconds .. this is not so much, it was during this time you have to break an egg!

    Each egg - a new level.

    After breaking the egg out of it will hatch the mob who will help you in your battles, or will help to get the resources!

    Each new record is rewarded with diamonds!

    For resources and diamonds you can buy the mobs, and buy upgrades for more efficient game.

    Catch it faster! The flying food will give temporary improvements combat performance.

    Just try it! This game will not leave you indifferent! Fascinating clicker with great graphics to help pass the leisure and arcade mode pleasantly complement the gameplay and will not let you get bored!

    Google Play: click

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