Micko Muss FREE this weekend!

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  1. Micko Muss it's free this weekend!

    Help Micko Muss in this daily journey through the forest, jumping over branches and gathering insects.

    - Jump to stay on the branches
    + Touch the screen to jump, press longer to jump larger
    - Let it fall to the branches bellow to do combos
    - Eat insects to change them in the store for enhancements
    - Do your best score and unlock new forests
    - Ask Paco the parrot for help
    - GameCenter leaderboards
    - Addictive gameplay
    - Simple mechanics
    - Share your scores on Facebook
    - 3 Forest:
    + Misty
    + Sundown
    + Gleaming
    - 2 Modes:
    + Normal speed
    + Fast speed

    Available on the App Store


    Available on the App Store

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