MFi - Worth It? What to be aware of?

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    Nov 9, 2019
    Hi all!

    Hope you’re well?

    i know PS4 and Xbox One controllers are now applicable, as well as MFi.

    I don’t want to splurge on a controller, so are there any other compatible controllers I could use? Plus, pardon my idiocy, but where would I find MFi controllers for really cheap?

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    No there are no other compatible controllers if u are planning on playing AppleArcade games legit.
    I'll List you all MFi controllers available, some are discontinued., most of them are bad , either by design or connection issues, maybe u can pick one up on E-Bay?, but i wouldn't pay more than $10 for any of the OLD ones listed, outta the bunch HORIPad Wireless & PXN are probably the best of the worst.

    WARNING : These Older MFi controllers are not recommended for today's gaming they are not guarenteed to work with newest Apple Devices, but if you can pick one up for peanuts, give em a go.

    OLD MFi Controllers 2014-2016
    • MOGA Power Ace (Formfitting iPhone 5)
    • Logitech PowerShell (Formfitting iPhone 5)
    • MOGA Rebel
    • MADCATZ C.T.R.L.i
    • MADCATZ C.T.R.L.i Micro
    • PXN Speedy
    • Steelseries Stratus
    • Steelseries Stratus XL
    • HORIpad wireless
    • tT-eSports Contour

    NEWER Bluetooth MFi Controllers. these are good and use Bluetooth 4+ so connection stablity is ok. but these are more expensive ($49 range) and at this point might aswell go with a PS4 Dualshock 4 if budget is your limitation.
    • HORIpad Ultimate
    • Steelseries Nimbus
    • RotorRiot MFi
    • GameSir M2
    NEWER Formfitting MFi Controllers. these are good, but are more expensive again, ($99 range). they offer you more than the above as they deliver a "in the hand Nintendo Switch style gaming on the go experience" . There are no batteries inside, so no need to charge them, bad points less flexible they need to be specific to your Apple Device.. so if you want to cross play on AppleTV or when iPhone 12 is released for example, you'll probably need a new one.
    • GAMEVICE for iPhone
    • GAMEVICE for iPad 9.7
    • GAMEVICE for iPad Mini
    • GAMEVICE for iPad Pro 12.9
    Another consideration is futureproofing, the New MFi Manufacturing Standard now supports L3/R3 clickable sticks as found on both PS4 and XBX1 controllers.
    ALL existing MFi controllers with the exception of the RotorRiot MFi controller DONOT have clickable sticks, which is not an issue just yet as zero games use them atm, but will become relevant as game devs port their console versions to the Apple Platforms, this is another reason to go with a PS4 or XBX1 controller.
    Newer GAMEVICE MFi Controllers are due anytime soon and i believe these will have L3/R3 Clickies.

    So giving all this info i believe the future for Apple Gaming with a controller, lays with PS4,XBX1 and GAMEVICE.
    Hope all this info is use to someone looking into getting into gaming with controller on AppleArcade.
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  3. drpalland

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    Nov 9, 2019
    I don’t know why I didn’t receive notice of this reply. Thank you sooooo much for the detailed information. It’s absolutely wonderful of you!

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