Metal Fighter

Dash, Crash, Smash, Transform, Spin, Shoot, Sweep——wanna experience the new definition of battle?
Get ready for act…
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Dash, Crash, Smash, Transform, Spin, Shoot, Sweep——wanna experience the new definition of battle?
Get ready for action! Metal Fighters, rock’n roll!

Multiple ball-type robots are now fighting for their own planet. The battle soon began after the invading of other civilizations. Equip the highest technologies, and their fate is on your hand.

Are you ready?!

The game uses a novel control tech——we call it the Joystick. Tilt your phone to move, and handle the Joystick to make your warriors transform to battle in unique skills. These ball-type robots challenge your ultimate balance and control abilities. So what are you waiting for? Protect your civilization and Win the war!

Game Features:
• Single player, you can play it offline.
• Brand new control tech. Brand new battle experience.
• Sci-Fi machinery world, two planets, 40 unique levels, include assault mission and defend mission. New expansion packs and new levels will be upgraded after.
• Earn badges from evaluation of levels. The badges can be used to upgrade your characters and unlock lots of wonderful elements such as original paintings, minigames.
• Multiple ball-type robot characters with their unique battle styles and transformation abilities. You can upgrade the characters’ different abilities to make them stronger.
• Mass kinds of enemies, mass kinds of gears and terrain, challenge the handling and reaction abilities of players.
• Powerful BOSS challenges.
• Nonstop updating minigames, share the high score with your friends. So relax and have fun.

Hello everyone, we’re DIGGER~

We are a small mobile game develop company from an interesting place——Harbin, China. We are both game zealots, and devoted to make the best original mobile games in the world. Metal Fighter is the first game since the born of DIGGER. We’d love to hear your feedback if you have played the game, so simply drop us a line or say hi at and we are glad to answer your questions and make improvement~

We hope you enjoy “Metal Fighter”!
Release:Nov 05, 2014
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