iPad Metal Angel Updated- Now Close to Awesome

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by ReformatPlanet, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Jul 30, 2008
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    Since it's launch months ago i've been sort of obsessed with the vertical shooter "Metal Angel" from developer Jade. Right out the gate it was one of the most insultingly incomplete/buggy games for the iphone, but potentially offered the best vertical shmup experience on the platform as well.

    The recent ver 1.2 update fixed many long standing issues, as well as added touch control as an option over the disastrous tilt control implemented in ver 1.1.

    Additional improvements are enemies that fire back aggressively, no more "teleporting" with touch control, and weapons upgrades that seem to function properly.

    The game still has a few loose ends like some slow down and annoying sprite flicker, and i experienced a strange glitch fighting the stage 5 boss that caused it to explode/turn invisible and continue to fire at me. I died that moment in the confusion so im not sure what was going on. I also still think the boss should be bigger then my ship by like, a lot, but that might just be years of playing shooters talking.

    All and all, i think it's safe to the say the game is finally playable, and even fun for that matter. Shame the developer released it early on the way he did, if it came out as it is now it would have scored much better reviews and faired better in the app store. With it's terminally low scores i doubt it will ever be able to turn itself around at this point.

    Here's the link-


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