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    Meta Squares™ - Added 2nd August

    I posted this over at Mac Rumors too, but I just think it's a great game. I'm informed it was available on other formats before coming to iPhone, but this is my first encounter with the game. It's awesome, and definitely deserves a review, if you want Arn!

    [App Store]

    Price: £1.79

    Basically, the aim of the game is to capture the largest amount of squares by squaring them off at each of the four corners. Points are earned relative to the size of the square you capture. A large square, covering 25 spaces, is worth 25 points. A smaller square covering 9 spaces is worth 9 points. Squares can also be created diagonally with the added benefit that diagonal squares earn you more points. The first to 150 points, wins.

    It really is addictive, I just published a review if anyone is interested.

    Anyone tried it?

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    hmm this looks very interesting... i would consider downloading it if i could play the online version first (which was located at , seems to be down now) If anyone has a mirror of the online version pass it along.

    very nice review by the way
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    This post should really get moved to the gaming section. Admin?

    Anyway, i picked this up the other day during my usual skimming of new items. I think it's totally great. Simple and fun concept with clean colorful graphics and presentation. Perfect really. If any additions should be made, it's in serious need of a two player mode, but this seems so obvious i would be shocked not to see it in a future update. Other then that, more boards maybe? No harm in that.

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