Mestory - Interactive Stories (free)

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    Mestory - Interactive Stories (free)

    Inspired by a love of reading interactive stories, we now bring the experience to your mobile, with ALL our stories being FREE from start to finish.


    *Choose for FREE from our entire collection of both submitted and exclusive stories
    *Read from three story types: Short Stories, Choice Stories, and Game Stories
    *Save your progress with our bookmark feature
    *Save your ‘favourite’ authors to receive notifications when they have new published story
    *Customise your reading experience in reader settings to suit your preference
    *Provide reviews and ratings for author feedback and community awards


    *Write short and interactive stories directly from our app or submit to our website
    *Join our monthly and season competitions to earn awesome prizes
    *Great opportunity to share your work with thousands of readers
    *Enjoy valued feedback from your audience and create a fanbase

    Download from App Store:
    Twitter hashtag: #supportmestory

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