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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Vende, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Vende

    Vende Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2008
    Does anyone else have this almost aribitrary mentality where it's okay to buy an application for $2.99, but anything over that has to be a really special app. I won't buy games for over that sum unless they're something I really desire i.e. Monkey Ball and Soccer '09, but I shouldn't have that much a problem spending $4.99 for programs like Kroll (which I did buy and din't like) Clusterball (which I'm waiting to drop further) like I am right now. Clusterball is only 2 more dollars than $2.99, but for some reason that's enough to make me wait even more.

    Just wondering if $2.99 is anyone else's limit on their comfort zone or whatever you want to call it.
  2. hkiphone

    hkiphone Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    $1-2 is fine for just out of curiosity. (eg. Aqua Hoops, Flick Bowling, Expando)
    Upto $5-6: It'd have to be something that I have been wanting for a long time (eg. FastLane or Fieldrunners)
    Upto $10: Has to be a real must-have or offer something completely unique from anything else. (eg. SmartTime Plus, SuperMonkeyBall, X-Plane)

    After spending $10 on Star Wars and Spore, and only playing them once every blue moon, and having sampled some great games at a dollar or free (Trace, Jellycar, Galcon Lite), I am more careful with buying brand name games now. Will have to evaluate NFS:Undercover carefully when it's out.
  3. PoV

    PoV Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2008
    London, Ontario, Canada
    That's the impression I've been getting from a number of people, though I'm on the developers side of things. Hopefully my take on the idea goes over well.
  4. along123

    along123 Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on the game and the value you perceive on it. I would buy a $9.99 game if I think it's worth it. But, then again, if I like to try out a game and it's $9.99 I would totally balk at the price. I'll rather wait for a free lite version which I don't usually end up buying anyway?

    Also, maybe it depend on your mood. Sometime, if I just bought a $0.99 game, I'll keep buying some games that I have been eye-ing for awhile even though the price is way beyond my $0.99 budget. Impulse buying?

    Or maybe, it's just me.. he he.
  5. break5

    break5 Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    same as me, don't know why
    also for some reason i feel like $2.99 is the limit to my comfort zone too, but that's only because i've bought so many games over that price that have disappointed me (although some haven't obviously)
  6. gnadenlos

    gnadenlos Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2008
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    For me the limit is € 2,99. And even that amount is only ok, if the game has good graphics, sound and a fairly large scale. Simple puzzle games or games that only offer a basic amount of graphics and variation (like Fuzzle, Beecells) are not worth € 2,99 in my opinion. There are too much really good free/$1 games available, to justify buying that kind of games for € 2,99.

    For games lacking one of those requirements my limit is € 0,79 (=$1) or maybe € 1,59 if I really want the app for some reason.

    Very few games like Fieldrunners 1.1 (or Solar Quest and Galcon) are actually worth more than € 2,99 to me. But even for those really good games my limit is something like € 5. If they want € 8-12 from me, they have to provide more than 4 towers, 2 upgrades per tower and 2 levels. Puzzle Quest and the upcoming SquareEnix tower defense game are the only games I can imagine to pay that much at the moment.
  7. squirpe

    squirpe Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2008
    Software Developer
    Honolulu, HI
    I would tend to agree, although some games/apps that really capture my imagination (or that I've been waiting for) will warrant purchasing at a price above that. The vast majority of my apps are $2.99 or less.

    The exceptions being things like Fieldrunners, Quick Draw, Super Monkey Ball, Asphalt 4, Virtual Pool and even something like Beatmaker at $19.99. And IMHO all have been worth it.
  8. gnadenlos

    gnadenlos Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2008
    Games I haven't bought because they are still to expensive:

    - Brain Challenge € 5,99 - I already own it for XBOX 360 - to much for a second buy
    - Loopy Laboratory € 3,99 - to much for the 10th puzzle game of that kind
    - Masyu € 0,79 each - I don't like how they split the levels up in 3 apps
    - Puzzloop € 5,99 - to much compared to Blackbeared's Assault
    - Reign of Swords € 5,99 - to much for a cheap port
    - Fleck € 3,99 - to much for a quite simple puzzle game
    - Shanghai Mahjong € 3,99 - not good enough to rise my € 2,99 limit
    - Mahjong Solitaire € 7,99 - not smooth enough for premium pricing
    - Smiles € 3,99 - yet another >€2,99 puzzle game
    - Rescue Angels 500 € 3,99 - not enough variation for > € 1,79
    - Subway Shuffle € 2,39 - I don't like it enough, to pay more than € 1,79 for it
    - Theseus € 2,99 - cheap graphics and controls -> € 0,79

    All these developers could have my money if they would lower their prices.
  9. polyplay

    polyplay Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2008
    Hear, hear on the icky Masyu pricing scheme. There are plenty of games in the store that sound or look interesting, but are out of my price range. I suppose a few months of the market has made me pretty jaded, but at this point anything past $.99 for me would have to be something I felt very strongly about. Even then, certain apps are letdowns (like Spore, Galcon when it was $10, and yes, even Fieldrunners).

    The market is pretty stiff for me at this point.
  10. hkiphone

    hkiphone Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    I've played afew "Lite" versions and ended up buying the full App: Black Mamba, Poker Dice, Expando, SmartTime, Spend, so for me, this is a workable sales technique.
  11. goiMot

    goiMot Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2009
    That's the price for the ipad version that includes level editor, the iphone one is $.99.
    Very good game.

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