iPhone Memory Castle - super hard rogue-like memory game

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  1. twoeyedcyclops

    Dec 19, 2014
    Our game "Memory Castle" is now available for iPad. This is a quick playing rogue-like with a memory mechanic, so it has elements of a brain training or puzzle game too.

    This is how it works: at the start of each level, you see a room filled with monsters and treasure. There's a few seconds to memorize where the good stuff is and work out a path to the exit, then everything gets hidden behind blocks and you have to get through the level, avoiding monsters and picking up items along the way. Survive 25 levels to beat the game.

    It starts out easy but gets very hard. Very, very, very hard!

    Additional features include:
    - Game Center achievements and high score Leaderboard
    - Randomly generated levels, no two games are ever the same
    - An interactive tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to play
    - Super easy controls, just touch where you want to move to
    - 3 Unlockable characters with different starting stats and abilities

    The game costs $.99 and has no IAP or ads.

    iTunes link:

    Trailer on YouTube:

    Thanks for reading my post, and if you check it out, I hope you enjoy it!


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