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    I have the stupid habit of keeping all my iTunes receipt emails. One day these may come in handy, or maybe not. Having a look back, I've now been a bit of an iOS game geek for over 3 years.

    Just thought it would be cool to share some memories of the games which had an impact on me.

    The first game I remember making an impression was Doodle Jump, the endless platform jumping game. I'd been hooked on simple games before, a banana throwing monkey game for example, I had on an old Sony Ericsson. The above really reminded me of the simple concept. It took me while to get used to the tilt controls as I was used to buttons but I remember playing this solidly for a few weeks. I never managed to get any ridiculous scores but did have fun beating my gf in 2 player races.

    I believe Angry Birds, the avian throwing game was the next one to sucker me in for quite a while. Although, I was not a happy chap when my girlfriend bought me new iPod and I found my progress had not been saved anywhere. I had spent quite a lot of time getting three stars on every level so didn't start playing this again until recently. I was happy with the new iPod though!

    The next time stealer was Canabalt. My mate came back from Norway, who had been playing the above with a mate. It's a side scrolling endless runner. I was really impressed with the look of it and managed to rack up some fairly decent scores over time. However, some of the window jumps are ridiculously hard!

    Street Fighter 4 was probably the next game that took my interest. It didn't look too great IMO but was a nice reminder of playing SF2 in the arcade as a kid. I could have probably spent a bit more time mastering the moves but it was fun none the less.

    Title to Live was the next big hitter. It's a swarm style avoid-a-thon. It took me a little while to get the hang of the controls but once I got them, this game was devilishly addictive. Another swarm game I enjoyed around the same time was Minigore. This was a shoot em up tho and really piled on the enemies. Highly recommended for those trigger happy folk.

    Another title at this time that had me in fits was Enviro Bear. It was just ludicrous. You need to play it to get what I mean. Truckers delight was another game that had me going WTAF? It's an Outrun style racer, where you have to avoid traffic but hit a certain vehicle which pops up in front if you, all while racing against the clock. It somehow got in the appstore with cartoon nudity and still remains there today. I managed to get some pretty insane scores in this particular game and feel it was quite a lot of fun.

    Well those are the first few I remember. Be good to hear about yours.
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    I got my ipod i think it was January 2011, 2 weeks later i accidentially dropped it on a stone kitchen floor, Apple were SO kind and replaced it for free when i took it in to one of the Apple Shops! Couldnt believe it. I think they saw i was buying so many apps they wanted to give me a replacement asap !

    Anyway Rolando was one of my first games and i thought it was brilliant, i never thought iOS games were going to be that special and thought most would be 'average' mobile phone games but after buying one of those ipod directory magazines they looked so impressive

    Spent about £50 ($80) that first month buying lots and lots of old retro favourites, loved the thought of having these in the palm of my hand.

    Funnily enough the 'famous' games like Doodle Jump/Angry Birds i couldnt stand and i'm still not keen on those.

    Dungeon Hunter by Gameloft was the first 'epic' game i really got on iOS and again i was blown away, very impressive and i think the sequel came out soon after. Same for Storm in a Teacup which was one of the first games i saw previewed i think on this forum so it was the first 'i really really want that' game i was eagerly awaiting.

    The week before Xmas i think it was Dec 11 ? LOTS of great games were released i couldnt believe it, last year wasnt bad at all (Ravensword) but Dec 11 there were plenty of great games which came out and of course there was that day or two when Gridlee (MAME) was on the app store so that was one great xmas !

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