'Mega Tank' Everyplay Replay sharing Contest #1.

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    Everyplay Replay sharing Contest #1.

    (1) 3 signed copies of Poor Al's Junk Mail Jamming book. (Our artist released a limited edition book of 200 copies and has a few copies still to give away to winners of this contest!!)
    (2) 1 print from our artist Poor Al. 1 of 1 print, framed.
    (3) All 4 winners will receive a Poor Al sticker pack.
    (A) Have to be Member of Mega Tank Everyplay Community. Link here: https://everyplay.com/mega-tank/home
    (B) Have to Upload at least 1 Replay (each replay uploaded is 1 'entry' into contest)
    (C) Replay must be hashtagged with ‪#‎megatank‬ ‪#‎contest1‬
    (D) Bonus entries for replays containing Not-So-Mega Tank = 3x, Helzacopter = 5x, ElectroLotus Jungle = 2x, Metal Desert = 3x. (not accumulative)
    (E) Shares to Twitter or Facebook gives you 1 bonus entry. (encourage other members to also share your videos)
    ***Replays will be reviewed and entries tallied next Monday, June 13th at 10am PST. Winners will be announced on the same day.***
    We can't wait to see what people upload!!
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    ###Congratulationz Mega Tankers###
  3. zombieland

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    Sep 30, 2009
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    The Everyplay Contest is over!!!!


    We were seriously impressed with the number of shares and videos created and very glad people participated in the contest!

    Here is a list of the winners:
    Book Winners = (1) ludoPAC, (2) Hygogg88 (3) VenoTRiX
    Print + Book Winner = Chimairaguy

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Thank you again for participating and we look forward to seeing what new videos you share! We will be having another contest soon for an original piece of Poor Al artwork, so stay tuned for more information on that!

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